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Jordans 2017 is adding a touch of luxury to this year's Black Friday lineup with the release of the Air Jordan 11 "Heiress". The new girls-specific colorway is clad in black suede draped with a black stingray leather mudguard to give the shoe its premium appearance. It also features gold accents on the heel, tongue and insole to give an extra dash of flare. Featuring an all-Black upper with a stingray overlays on the mudguard similar to what we seen on the OVO Air Jordan 12s. Additional details includes Metallic Gold branding, a White midsole and Black translucent outsole.
New Jordans 2017, Today a brand new Air Jordan 11 has surfaced here is a look at the Air Jordan 11 Heiress GS this sneaker has an all Black suede upper & instead of having your traditional patent leather you have black sting ray followed by your all Black rope laces on the ankle you have a Gold Jumpman you also have your 23 done in Gold completing the sneaker you have an all White midsole with an all Black bottom sole. It features an all-Black upper done in suede/nubuck complimented by the Black stingray detailing on the mudguard. Metallic Gold accents are then seen on the branding that further adds to the bold and deluxe aesthetics of the shoe.
Cheap Jordans 2017 will be debuting an exclusive Air Jordan 11 Black Stingray as part of their Heiress Collection for the holiday season. This Air Jordan 11 has an OVO-like scheme dressed in a mix of Black, Metallic Gold and White. In a construction reminiscent of Drake's OVO Air Jordan 12, the 11 dons black suede uppers set off with pebbly black stingray leather around the mudguard. Gold Jordan branding adorns the heels and lace holders, adding a touch of colour and luxury to the silhouette. This all sits atop a white midsole and translucent outsole to make sure there are no scuffs left on the court.

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DNF ice cream equipment selection recommended weapons preferred high-strength Need fake purple

Weapons, Bingjie division is a low percentage of occupation, Bingjie division unlike other legal profession as there are many directly enhance intelligence BUFF skills Bingjie division two BUFF skills resonance and perception, only perception is plus intelligence , Full level plus intelligence 110, you did not mistaken, only the poor 110 resonance and ice two are considered BUFF skills, vca necklace imitation sentiment does not say, Bingjie version of the darkmoon, ice is blue, and not practical, the limit Altar playing ice fire zombies is useful, eat a fire lizard open ice road direct burned ice zombies, so this led directly to eat more ice disregard, in other words, is a focus on ignoring the occupation, then from the point of view of the properties of the weapons In fact, the best ice cream should be the horn, I personally feel the gold snake battle Bingjie it is also good, with fashion support, Bingjie skills speed will not be too pit father but the horn is too expensive, but not high strength Significance, so you can look at the high-strength purple or pink, because it is a high-strength occupations, so ignore the higher the better, do not pay too much attention to the foundation, and GF this update with the seal purple is false Personally, I recommend very good properties even higher than the fake purple horn Why? Good point of false purple property comparable to SS, solution out Sunder, white additional damage to these things, better than the poor SS, but also van cleef and arpels necklace alhambra copy to strengthen the cheap, so my heart weapon is the high-strength Needle purple> high-strength horn> high-strength conventional purple Then armor, ice Jie best armor is certainly far 3 missile sets. However, the message of tragedy is that this time it is far from being open, so it is hard for me to think of a clean map without the support of Yuan-long. It is far behind. That missile is a waste of firewood, unable to hit and the percentage is not high. Hard to force the job but also forced to what extent, of course, not far from 3, you can also choose to fake purple armor or CC, but still the highest fake purple jewelry: with 3 bracelets will be occupied, if not Bracelet Necklace: Insect chain and soul hunting, both GF in the GF are time problems and have no patience to make the choice of more rings: devaluation Alvin, Bingjie passive awakening is attached to the frozen 10% damage , With pest insects is not worse than black pearl, black pearl out of the effect because the pest chain is covered and then the black pearl: can not freeze the strange ice is still better grasp the trick. And the awakening break with black pearl is a blockhouse, local tyrants awakening a wake up wild boar nearly half the blood is the last Gemini ice: very embarrassing existence, in my opinion, the greatest meaning of Gemini ice is the outside world, BUT freezing effect in different Green sector where the community is not so knock off vca necklace good, so the effect is greatly reduced, unless your egg pain brush U wild boar U ghost, it is not human left left slot: double attack powder is the preferred

If you make a fuss map, then the dragon left slot is the most beautiful. 12 Magic Explosion Needless to say for law professions, Magic Explosion is a scarcity of all French, let alone crit damage 10%. With two dress up can be done throughout the maintenance of the state. Do not say powder, even the SS double attack Xiang Xiang to the right slot burst: no good choice

Wild boar, there are flame stone, or else only 30 ice strong, but also do not have too much ice on the newspaper fantasy, ice cream itself has enhanced the genius is a strong job skills resonance is a role of strong right groove is reduced To the smallest, but do not enlarge ignore, itself is a low-based job, with purple actually can.
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Price of 300,000 bracelets missed hand on the spot fainted

On the morning of June 27, after a woman entered the store at a jade shop in Jade City, Ruili, Yunnan, she tried on one of the bracelets and asked her how much she wore after she was dressed. The waiter said 300,000. After she listened, she wanted to Remove the bracelet did not expect a hand slip, the bracelet fell on the tile floor broken into two The female tourists come from Jiangxi, she took jade bracelets from the hands of time, 'the left folder with the folder, the right folder with an umbrella, When the bracelet was taken off, it dropped to the ground. 'After breaking the jade bracelet, the tourists became more and more nervous, their lips were white, their sweats were cold, and then they fainted. Some overseas Chinese quickly pinched her And tiger's mouth, just pinched her wake up. 120 ambulance staff came, but also the tourists carried out a van cleef arpel necklace imitation physical examination, confirmed that she did not cause serious problems 'She was fainted, but fortunately, after first aid is okay.' The boss said the jade broken pieces, People can no longer be an accident, at present they can only consult with each other to compensate matters, however, the two sides have not yet talked about for a while, and the boss because of the need to catch a plane, it is too late to focus on this matter, the current affairs we give to others on behalf of the solution, The meaning is to mediate the deal first, knock off van cleef and arpel necklace no longer report to the police According to the introduction, the two sides subsequently conducted consultations on compensation for jade, but did not reach an agreement. According to Lin's Emerald shop, they want each other to pay the cost price, but the other's ability to make compensations is limited, so temporarily failed to talk about the van cleef and arpel clover necklace replica Ruili City Public Security Bureau Branch police station said they have yet to find the relevant incident Alarm information, but this incident is very loud now, superiors attach great importance, they will follow up this matter.
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The world takes you into Dubai's gold market

Dubai's gold price is the lowest in the world, with the world's second-largest gold market. Gold shop, jewelry store From the high-end Western distinguished service to van cleef and arpel necklace imitation the traditional Arab-style small shop numerous, the most famous is located in the north of Daila's 'Golden Street', the gold shop is filled with each narrow alley, the window is clean , With sparkling bracelets, necklaces and earrings add van arpels and cleef necklace fake radiance and beauty to each other, like a golden curtain. Gold Street, like an antique market, built above the streets covered with sheltered red tiles, wooden beams engraved with Arabesque, a neat chandelier hanging from above. There are hundreds of gold shops in the market, the sale of gold jewelry magnificent, a bracelet, bracelets, necklaces, headdresses, vests, etc., dazzling, dizzying. Most of the gold ornaments here are not the so-called thousands of pure gold to 22K majority, 18K and 24K also. There are polished to pink, silver and light yellow gold. Gold ornaments here, the Italian craft, the French craft, as well as the Arabian crafts, a wide variety, style and diverse styles, according to their own preferences of any choice. The gold handmade in some purely relative to the price to be slightly higher, the owner in addition to the gold price, but also an extra charge for some processing fees. Jewelry here is the price you can just say, as long as both parties feel that they can buy a satisfactory gold jewelry in the local shops, shops and pavilions on display numerous. Due to low taxes, gold is almost the cheapest gold price in the world here Dubai is the lowest in the world, with the world's second-largest gold market. Gold shop, jewelry store From the high-end Western distinguished service to the traditional Arab-style small shop numerous, the most famous is located in the north of Daila's 'Golden Street', the gold shop is filled with each narrow alley, the window is clean , With sparkling bracelets, necklaces and earrings add radiance and beauty to each other, like a golden curtain. Gold Street, like an antique market, built above the streets covered with sheltered red tiles, wooden beams engraved with Arabesque, a neat chandelier hanging from above. There are hundreds of gold shops in the market, the sale of gold jewelry magnificent, a bracelet, bracelets, necklaces, headdresses, vests, etc., dazzling, dizzying. Most of the gold ornaments here are not the so-called thousands of pure gold to 22K majority, 18K and 24K also. There are polished to pink, silver and light yellow gold. Gold ornaments here, the Italian craft, the French craft, as well as the Arabian crafts, a wide van cleef flower necklace imitation variety, style and diverse styles, according to their own preferences of any choice. The gold handmade in some purely relative to the price to be slightly higher, the owner in addition to the gold price, but also an extra charge for some processing fees. Jewelry here is the price you can just say, as long as both parties feel that they can buy a satisfactory gold jewelry in the local shops, shops and pavilions on display numerous. Due to low taxes, gold is almost the cheapest in the world here.
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Pygmy men give their children breastfeeding map

Recently, the British 'Times' released a report on how to do a good father, the report pointed out that when the children crying to drink milk, the father can completely 'dedication' out of their own nipples, because the effect is indeed That is to say, daddy can take care of their baby just like their mother. The study found that, in this regard, the tribe of Pygmy, a hunting tribe living in the north of the Congo in the African continent, whose men are regarded as the best fathers in the world and who are holding children for nearly half the time each day Children at your fingertips For the first time, prominent anthropologists in the United States have found that Pygmy men in central Africa 'feed their children'. This is a puzzling question whether it is Aristotle or Darwin: What is the role of a man's nipple? Recently, the British philanthropic 'Father's Guide' claimed in a report that the answer was found: A man's nipple is not useless. It is a backup of a woman's nipple. It is best for a baby to suck when the mother is absent. . There is such a tribe in Africa where women go out hunting during the day and men take care of their children at home. What's more, these guys will put their nipples in their babies' mouths when the babies cry. This may sound weird, but Professor Barry Shiller, a famous anthropologist in the United States, thinks this is a very normal way of living. It is he who first discovered that the Pygmy men in central Africa 'feed their children.' The total population of the Pygmy tribes is only about 20,000, but they maintain their unique habits. Taking care of children at home is just one of these unique living habits. Hillary initially hoped to live with the Pygmies for some time to deepen their understanding of this nation. Unexpectedly, the crooks hit the ground, but van cleef emerald ring knock off occasionally discovered the custom of feeding Pygmy men. According to a report from the British Charity, a 'Father's Guide,' Pygmy men spend more time and energy on caring for children than men in any other society. '

Professor Barry Shiller studied the tribe for 20 replica van cleef and arpels butterfly ring years, saying: 'Pygmy men usually hold babies for about 2 hours.' Statistics show that Pygmy men are holding children 47% of the time each day Where children are within reach. They are even better than the Swedish men, the best men in the developed world, who assume 45% of the responsibility for caring for children, while British dads rank fourth in Western countries, and the information shows that they are only Caroline Flint, who spent a third of her time at the Royal Maternity Hospital in England, said she had met many British fathers to 'feed their children'. Of course, they seldom tell others that they are 'feeding their children'. She said: 'In general, are these little guys touched my dad's chest, paste their mouths to find the nipple, found after the beginning 嘬 .In this case, men are beginning to metropolis is very surprised, but his arms The baby seems satisfied. '

Sebastian Kramer, a child psychiatrist from Whitten Hospital in London, said: 'Perhaps in the prehistoric world, humans did the same.' He also said that even in the past 10,000 years of history, children The assertion, mainly taken care of by the mother, may be wrong. The report, which examines 156 cultures, found that only 20% of cultures favor the close relationship between father and child, and Professor Xlett recognizes that pygmies do more than men and women alone So, when Father's Guide names Pygmies 'the best father in the world,' it takes for granted Pygmy women to go hunting on their own, men naturally assume the responsibility of looking after their children at home; on the contrary, When men cook, the woman uses the time to determine where the next tent should be supported, and Professor Syllett pointed out that Pygmy commendable place is here: when a woman takes on the responsibility of raising a family, Say, take on the responsibilities that women had taken in the past, such as taking care of children and cooking, and more importantly, men would not lose their status and status, nor would anyone think change jobs would be a shame. Pygmy women not only Hunting like men, and sometimes even better than men in the past.It is generally believed that because women need to raise children, so, like hunting Things became 'men's' patents, but Professor Syllett found that Pygmy had no such concept at all: he knew a Pygmy woman who had been pregnant for eight months and was still hunting around; only after childbirth A month later, she picked up a spear again, while other women strapped their children to her waist and hunted for hunting, even though their prey - a small ferret-beast was a ferocious beast - should you think Pygmy Tribe Is a paradise for men and women equality, that is wrong, because the tribe there is also a hierarchy of points, the highest position also occupied by men, but this does not prevent men and women share the burden of taking care of children Professor Xi Laite that Pygmy People attach great importance to the sense of intimacy of the body, which is where other nations should study hard, and Pygmy descendants spend almost the same amount of time in the arms of their parents during the first three months of their birth There is no such thing as a crib, they will never put the baby aside because in the Pygmy consciousness, whenever and wherever the child has been in his arms is Gentlemen Pygmies are known as 'pocket-sized peoples' of Africa with an average height of 1.30 1.40 meters. They are physically fit and self-reliant and claim to be 'the son of the forest.' Pygmies have short heads and leans, Everyone is pregnant with a big belly.The pygmy face painted with a simple pattern, body back homemade bow and arrow, out of the tropical virgin forest. Pygmy men are good at hunting, like the collective hunt for elephants; As a result, the rooted clan is the most basic social unit of the pygmy people, who act as clans, have no private sense and live primitive burrowing lives without their own words, concepts of numbers and time, and other blacks Pygmy were darker, darker brown in color, and their hair was not as powerful as the other blacks, so Pygmy was discriminated against by other black tribes, and anthropologists confirmed that Pygmy were prehistoric The heir to the Sangkar culture, the most primitive people living in central Africa, they are not deformities but special races Pygmies make plants from plantain van cleef arpels between finger ring knock off leaves and palm leaves Used as bone, beetles, antelope horn, turtle shell like do necklaces, bracelets and the like. They mashed all sorts of wild fruits they collected and blended the juice with women's milk to make cosmetics. Because of the different types of berries, different colors, so the preparation of cosmetics colorful. Pygmy women love heavy make-up. They painted geometric shapes on the face to increase the sense of beauty and exorcise demons and evil, which is used to express auspiciousness and goodness.
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Infatuation is actually a disease

39 high temperature afternoon, Kocho emergency psychological assistance, I agreed without hesitation. When I arrived at the counseling center, she was already waiting at the side of the flower bed, like a peony in full bloom. She did not speak especially. Kocho was in tears. She was facing a painful choice: she stayed in Shanghai Leave on holiday, or fly back to Beijing early tomorrow morning and reunited father and mother since meeting a few years ago in Beijing, Li Dong, Kocho's heart is no longer their own, a smile, every move is for him. Dong Li is from Beijing to Beijing IT professional graduate student, Kobuchi students in Beijing, and Dong a school, is a news professional students. In the eyes of Kocho, Li Dong is a flawless new good man: he is gentle, gentle, considerate, hard-working, everything is good, just look at him, she will be excited for a long time. Kocho this is not a careful person, since then born mind changed temperament, the students found that as long as Dong Li, not far from there must be Kobo Dong Li is a typical well-to-do in Shanghai's only child Son, very rich petty bourgeoisie, pay attention to the quality of life, as girls clean themselves. Of course, he can feel the tail and shadow behind him. How he can stand up and resist the girl's aggressive attack. Shortly afterwards, they are 'dating' a Sven-shanghai man and an excited and restless Beijing girl. At that time, Are very committed, they do not know the hidden dangers have been laid at that time. Their love in the beginning is not equal, Kocho sees him as the life of all, and in the heart of Dong Li, this love is only his life enlightenment, I feel pretty good, but still far from the wounds. After six months, the first test was coming. After graduating, Li Dong insisted on returning to his hometown in Shanghai. However, Kocho did not have scope to go to Shanghai with him. Kocho moment do not want to leave Li Dong, but van cleef and arpels diamond ring knock off Kocho's parents are experienced, can feel the dredging and arbitrary Li Dong, the relationship between them has always been in doubt, they see Kocho filled with the wind Sail, do not sail is impossible, and only with her to achieve a return to Shanghai is an important turning point in their relationship, but also the inevitable result of this love. Li Dong love their original state of life, he can not stay in Beijing for Kocho, and Kocho for love at the expense of everything, let alone go to Shanghai. Kocho went to Shanghai, the love tragedy also opened a prelude to a Shanghai middle class family, for Kodate seems to have entered the alien world. North Orange planted south of her result, in addition to her feelings for Li Dong, everything else can not be adapted. Dong did not care very much about Kocho's career, he bent on making his own efforts to make some achievements, but Kocho did not care about the achievements of Dong, she wanted is how to make love Ambilight. Only six months, Li Dong feel like being about to be suffocated by the love of Kocho, he said to Kocho: We are inappropriate, we break up ... ...

Kocho seems to be prepared, she just cried, silently sobbed and said: I have a hunch, sooner or later there will be such a result, I will not rely on you, just want to have the opportunity to feel about your love will come back ... ...

Lidong is also hurt, but there is no way to force myself, they agreed, Kocho moved out to go home, rent a house alone in the nearby places, so that the distance between the two sides of the 'love.' For two full years, Kocho became a 'call girl'. Li Dong went to visit when he had a temperament and occasionally called her back. Every few months, Li Dong would ask Kobune whether it is ready for divorce. Once, Kocho's heart is like a knife-like pain. Her hope is lost every day, Li Dong recently urged him in a hurry, saying that if no divorce he will no longer come to see her when Kocho came to me, has not seen a week, Dong Li, Kocho do not know whether the divorce or Continue to wait for the love that already has gas if gossamer. I asked Kocho, knowing that love can not come back, why beg for more damage. Kobo raised his wrist and showed me: 'If there is no hope at all, why would he buy such a precious gift for me?' The rocking bracelet gave a dazzling white light that seemed to save the last love fantasy. I remind Kocho: bracelet may be forgotten to commemorate, he would like to use it to buffer the abandonment of Tragic Kobyashi and every visitor, before they come to have the answer, they come, just to seek understanding and stand by. Kocho actually know this is an irrevocable love, drag on each other too much harm. Kocho did not hate Li Dong, she only complained about their own fate bad. Kocho not only decided to divorce, the rest of the matter has become very simple, she just can not decide to go immediately or a few days. Kocho want to eat the last meal, eat a lot of Lee's rice, the last couple of times to call Mom and Dad, the couple did the last minute ...

And tomorrow, will it hurt more? Since he has so unfeeling, so lingering for what is!

Kocho want to go back and think about it. In the late afternoon, Kocho told me her decision, she was already on the plane, and she decided to go some earlier and end earlier, end early damage ...

'Explore' the difference between love and dependence

Kocho and many women will be very confused as: why pay for it is always no reward. The same is paid, but the motivation is different, the same motivation, the effect is not the same Women in love there is a very obvious blind spot, that is, when she wants to pay, do not ask the feelings of the recipient, or

Do not care about each other's wishes. I want to give as much love as I want, but also because I was given and dedication: I am so good to you, why do not you good to me? Women van cleef between the finger ring knock off still have a hobby in love is: the more you Lengying her more and more energetic, you insist on not love her, she insisted love you, but a man can not hold back and back, she immediately feel boring. Li Dong was a bit reluctant at first, but because Kocho particularly needed to love him, she did so by paying extra. When women need love and sex, they sometimes blindfolded, hit who is, or weaving garlands to wear to each other, self-indulge. This inequality of love can not be sustained, the beginning is the slightest loss, then it is miles away, if the beginning reluctantly, the result is not difficult to imagine the future. So when anyone wants to love, the first thing to figure out is whether the other needs it or not, and the second is the extent to which the other needs it. He can be annoying beyond his ability to escape when he feels 'love' becomes a burden. Compare these two sentences: 'I love you because I need you'; and 'I need you because I love you' difference. The former is because of the need for love, the latter because of the need of love, which has totally different meanings in motivation. Love is a very warm, very comfortable and very free feeling and behavior, and the need is mechanical, forced, passive, it is more subject to physiological needs, insecurity and materialism driven, so often not in the body By one's own, can not help but with control purposes. Demand-led love produces a serious sense of dependency. Dependents initially rely on material and 'love', and later tend to suffer setbacks because of dependence. They rely more on the feeling of frustration, that is, the feeling of being abused. Abused will make her a little relief, she wants to be abused to get back what they need. Men can not stand all the acts of a woman's dependence: like Du Mei in 'addiction', she takes the trouble to listen to her boyfriend and says 'I love you'; one day I talk to him eight times; I want to know all his actions and plans; It is best that he does not have any heterosexual contacts and fill his heart. This is not love, it is dependent on the control of the heart, she can pay for this control of all costs, but this is not love, just need and dependence. This love is no future development, such a love lost is a common heart password love too much woman

I understand the love is trust, respect, like, easy, free, independent, positive and lasting. Dead, uneasy, anxious and extreme emotions are the signs of lack of love infatuation is not love, silly is a dependence. Some people will be content with their own silly, but do not know silly is a mental illness, his cause is that he lost his personal consciousness and self-will, and thus can not feel the joy of living. His survival in more sense is just a helpless endure. His 'love' is only his 'spiritual opium' to exasperate the hopeless state, or something similar van cleef & arpels ring price knock off to 'life-saving straw', so he is not self-confident, he and their infatuation and all kinds of 'too much love' Words and deeds, is this kind of unconfident expression. Infatuators put their lives on the balance of others, so that their own trembling, tortured. Kocho was rejected by him because of infatuated love, almost lost her interest in living Excessively over-loved woman was more related to experience and situation Generally speaking, the roles of family members were dislocated because of growth in dysfunctional families. There are some specific reasons:

1. There is no basic love in the environment in which they live, and both parents or on one side are indifferent to their children. Because of the lack of feelings, trying to make up for the make-up in life, so eager to over-give 2. Indifferent to the indifference of men to meet their aspirations of frustration, she needs hard-working but not feeling she is psychologically more accustomed to Not in the state.
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White box Yayika Erika Sayyama Lily Interview

A: so tired! I guess I have flushed, a lot of sweat flow it. In fact, I was not very good at the camera since I was a child. The photos of the pre-office publicity were also good. It was not bad to be able to pick one from dozens of books. It was okay for me to go to the event or NICONICO Live, etc. But it was not always the case for the camera, and today is the first step I can overcome to overcome the weakness. Q: This is really hard work for you (laughs). So let's get started. You are 'sounded! On the bass 'which starred in Yoshikawa Yuko this role, and speaking Miss Hill Gang is very good at playing trumpet with her like that A: I am about to learn the piano from the age of 23, and after junior high school, I would like to join the music department Community. When choosing an instrument, a very beautiful predecessor trumpet, and then she advised me to say 'trumpet!' Since it is such a beautiful predecessor, then I will only answer 'good' yet (Laughs) A: Some are for rhythm shots, and the dance of the flower is different from that of the normal dance, making me feel pretty handsome. To show the kind of light feeling more difficult ... ... feel kind of silly feeling (laugh). And others tend to suffer setbacks when it comes to paced rhythms. One time before I went to AVEX to learn dance. Although later the body numb, but very happy! Now dancing in elementary school is a required course, and this work will be fun even if adults read it. Although the broadcast time is Sunday morning at 7 o'clock, it seems too early, but everyone at that time, please be sure to see 'tribecoolcrew', and then awake Oh!

Q: Also, when it comes to Miss Yamaoka's work, I have to mention Yano Akina of 'White Box.' Although this is a very cute girl works, but Yayano Erika's hair, clothing and words and deeds are impressive: Miss Aika Erica seems to be very popular in the staff look laugh). And she needed to communicate with other characters in her work, and I felt the pressure. After all, it is hard to show the words that have never been heard before, in a persuasive tone. But after all, I was the first to play such a role as Yoshino Aika, so I have also gained growth. Q: In addition, you starred in Musashino Ani's 'Third Flying Girl Team' Several roles it. What is the role of Tachibana ... I always feel that there is a feeling of Yakuno Yika, and then just perform (laughs) Q: In addition, we should mention 'the realm of the other side,' and in March of this year released the 'Past Ties' In April, the theatrical version of Future Fiction was released. A: The Other Side of the Realm is a work that fully embodies human nature. Each role in the theater version has its own bright spot, and the mystery of TV animation are also solved Oh. The Past Ties is a retrospective of the previous TV series, but it does not look like it's in the cinema. I think even more fun than watching TV animation A: This is a very cute character, but in fact has survived for hundreds of years. So that role also think they are cute cunning (laughs). However, this feeling is actually not reflected in the TV animation with the theater version. After all, easily lead to disgust, so I basically sell Meng. Of course, in the network animation which will reveal her little-known side Q: When the stage activities, Miss Yamagata went to Nagoya, Osaka and Kyoto. vca ring copy Did you eat anything good?

A: Octopus in Osaka, sweet and salty meatballs in Kyoto, and tempura rice balls in Nagoya. Hospitality! There are also went to the major theater, there are selling popcorn. And I ate so much popcorn that I had no appetite to eat (laughs) Q: You are very good at farming pear with you in 'The Other Side'. So what is your chance to become intimate?

A: It's in the radio program 'The Other Side of the Realm.' Before I was with her starred in 'Visual Research

Second generation, 'when he said hello:' Then go to 'the realm of the other' together again. 'And then even the programs are hosted together, so the relationship has quickly got better A: I'm afraid to say on the 1 hour (Laughs). In short, she is a very straightforward person. Looks very honest, but in fact it can cater to others, in addition to some natural places. I'm afraid we both have similar wavelengths. Last year on my birthday, she made a reservation for a restaurant to be fine for me. Today's bracelet is also kind of sauce to send me at birthday, I always wear. But she specifically to study the effect of stone, and then carefully choose a style for me Oh. The kind of sauce is also a different color models, but it is a van cleef and arpels emerald ring copy pair of children. (Laughs) Q: (laughs) Also listed on July 2, 'Absolute War of Resistance', you have to star in the role of Qisa A: Although it is a newcomer, but she made people feel full knock off van cleef ring morale. Although there are some off-line place, but very cute (laughs). She is in charge of information control and often carries out complex calculations. For this reason, I spent a lot of time practicing the lines.
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300,000 jade bracelets should not be compensated

Recently, a female tourist trip in Ruili, Yunnan, accidentally broke a high price jade bracelets, the price is 300,000, tourists scared shocked on the spot. 300,000 is not a small number, the average person is really not easy to get it, for me, I will be shocked, but I think, this 300,000 should not be compensated by tourists, because the main accident Responsibility should be in the sale of jade bracelets business as a business, in their own time to sell goods should be clearly marked the price at a price, in the eye-catching place to do valuables tips, especially the fragile goods, it should even focus remind. The business probably did not do this well, right?

The news report said that during the trial of the bracelet, the tourist learned that the price of the bracelet was high. After that, due to the sudden nervousness in his heart, he trembled and then accidentally dropped the bracelet and caused an accident. Thus, the business simply did not fulfill the obligation to remind If the merchants in a clear place marked the price, and the salesman asked when trying to wear tourists, clearly stated the price of jade bracelets, to fulfill the obligation to inform, then I believe Visitors without financial strength will certainly not ask to try on these expensive bracelets because she simply can not afford it. We see, when tourists hear that the price is 30 million, then panic-stricken look can be seen, this tourist is certainly not aware of the price of this product, so businesses do not do their duty of disclosure should be very large Moreover, businesses should first take protective measures on their own goods. Like this delicate and fragile stuff, businesses should set up a try-on area for customers to try on in a safe manner. For example, a VIP customer reception room, which all the ground, walls and tables and chairs are bedding with soft bedding decoration, if the real fragile goods fell to the ground accidentally, it will not be broken and in fact, businesses do Is not it? Even I can guess at the decoration of our local big shopping malls, where the ground floor is definitely smooth and hard with marble-like materials, not only with no wooden floor, I'm afraid Even a thin layer of carpet will not bedding, is simply: not afraid of your broken, afraid you are not shattered there is the price of this jade bracelet, the price is 300,000, is it really worth 300,000 it? We have a Chinese saying goes: Gold priceless jade price. What is jade priceless? Is not that a jade can call 300,000, you can also call 3 billion? How much is the price by the person that is called priceless? Then I said that your jade worthless, it can be!

Sometimes I go shopping at night to see those large shopping malls to close when the jewelry store on the ground floor, the beautiful ladies who are very busy, the counter inside the silver jewelry received inside the safe. Why those jade jewelry they did not close, and let them openly placed inside the cabinet? The price is hundreds of thousands of jade, gold than those three hundred or four hundred dollars more expensive. Put expensive jade do not close, specifically to receive relatively much cheaper gold, these businesses can be really stupid ah!

According to reports, this jade bracelet was identified by the appraisal agency worth 180,000 yuan. Which accreditation body? China, right? China's accreditation authority authority? In my opinion, valuable things have universal standards, such as gold, which is recognized by the world's authority as having a value of 400, which is worth 400, and this is the value of the goods themselves. If jade is a valuable thing, let the world-class authority to identify it, the world-class authority of the appraisal results probably than the appraisal agencies in China van cleef and arpels lotus ring copy to authorize the results more, if they also identify this jade value is 30 If you identify this jade is a stone, the value of 0, then compensation for $ 0 OK, then again, as a Chinese tourist, itself should be familiar with China's tourism environment , Familiar with the local tourism will produce what risks, when traveling should be vigilant, anytime, anywhere can not be careless, have a sense of risk prevention there, you do not have a little courage, how can easily go out easily? As soon as he heard of the high price of things in his hands, his heart was timid, his body trembled, and at no point did he have the revolutionary feeling of undead as a revolutionary martyr and his dauntless spirit. You are the kind of psychological quality, this price jade does not scare you, the next high price shrimp will scare you silly. The ancients said: a man must have Taishan collapsed in front of the face does not change the degree of tolerance. It seems that the gay tourists still need to study and learn more from the revolutionary martyrs. Therefore, although jade bracelets should not be compensated, in order to allow tourists to rise and remember, to get rid of carelessness and timidness, the proper compensation point is also Inevitably, I think it will be enough to pay 3,000 yuan.

Grievances statement! ! ! I am on June 23, 2017 in the Royal Hotel after dinner with a few friends waiting for friends entertainment poker, Pengshan Road police station was arrested into the police station, detention in the name of polygamy gambling. At that time, the money on the table was only 260 yuan. How to identify gambling gambling is determined? (1) Article 9 of the Judicial Interpretations of the Supreme People's Court on Handling Criminal Cases of Gambling clearly stipulates: 'For the purpose of nonprofit, recreational activities with a small amount of money or money should be conducted and provided Chess room and other entertainment venues only charge the normal place and service costs of business practices, not gambling arguments.

II. According to the relevant laws of our country and the 'Supreme People's Court Judicial Interpretations on Handling Criminal Cases of Gambling,' for the purpose of making profits, one of the following circumstances falls under the 'gambling of mass gathering' stipulated in Article 303 of the Criminal Law: organizing more than 3 people to gamble , The total number of taps fishing profits have reached more than 5,000 yuan; organization of more than 3 people gambling, gambling money amounting to more than 50,000 yuan; organization of more than 3 people gambling, the cumulative number of participants reached more than 20 people; 10 citizens of the People's Republic of China Above go to overseas gambling, from which to receive kickbacks, introduction fee)

Public Security Management Punishment Law: Article 70 of the Law of the People's Republic of China on Public Security Administration Punishments is a provision on administrative penalties for illegal gambling. There are two main types of penalties: First, for profit, provide the conditions for gambling Person (for example, for the purpose of making profits, Article 70 provides for the purpose of making profits for gambling, or participates in gambling and gambling is relatively large (Sichuan Provisions: 'Discretion Discretion Standard of Administrative Penalty in Sichuan Province' The collection of gambling van cleef engagement ring copy value on the spot totaling more van cleef emerald ring copy than 1,000 yuan but less than 4,000 yuan is a big gamble.), Detained for not more than 5 days or a fine of not more than 500 yuan; if the circumstances are serious, it shall be detained for not less than 10 days and not more than 15 days and with 500 yuan Above 3,000 yuan fine 1, 'Public Security Management Punishment Act,' 70: for profit for the purpose of participating in gambling, gambling more large, to be punished by law and order, the Ministry of Public Security explained: Family members, relatives between the band entertainment There are a small amount of property winning or losing activities, not gambling arguments. Will a few good friends entertainment is also considered gambling? Every day the new square and the major So many people play poker games do not they?

Gambling is large: Beijing stipulates that a personal fine of 300 yuan or more and a fine of 500 yuan or less shall be imposed upon a fine of 500 yuan to 1500 yuan. Article 70 of the Law on Punishment of Public Security under Detention for Not More Than 5 Days stipulates The 'participation in gambling gambling is larger' situation refers to:

6 The average amount of gambling money in more than 500 yuan less than 2,000 yuan, or the scene collection of gambling money total amount of more than 2,000 yuan less than 8,000 yuan. Where the average personal wagering amount is more than 500 yuan and less than 1,000 yuan, or the total amount of gambling money collected on the scene is less than 4,000 yuan and 2,000 yuan or more, a fine of not more than 500 yuan or a detention of less than 3 days shall be imposed. Individual average betting amount at 1000

Yuan or more dissatisfaction with 2,000 yuan, or the scene collection of gambling money in the total amount of more than 4,000 yuan less than 8,000 yuan, Department 3 days more than 5 detention. The average number of individual gambling money and the total amount of confiscated gambling on-site penalties are inconsistent, according to the heavier penalties penalties June 24 we consulted a lot of lawyers, the charge is totally unreasonable, family members re-enter the police station to communicate requirements, the police station refused to explain , Threatened us with words, restricted us to leave the police station in a matter of minutes, and seized our families without departure (alarm 084118 of the police station staff). Will the police station is the country for the people's office, or private sector? The police station should be to protect the interests and safety of the people. Will the police station now protect what?

If we really broke the law, why did the 10 friends who were entertained with playing cards at that time were sent to the police station within a couple of hours? Two days in custody and two in detention. The remaining six of us were detained for five days. The so-called ' Banker in custody for 10 days. In addition to the so-called banker, what is the difference between playing cards at the same time? Punitive injustice is not a hidden rule exists?

Many unsuccessful attempts to communicate with the police station, petitioners silent, no defense. Dear Leshan Public Security Bureau how I support you too!

All of the above facts, I am willing to assume the relevant legal responsibility!

Recently, a female tourist in Ruili, Yunnan tried on a price of 300,000 yuan bracelet, accidentally dropped into two fell on the ground, the tourists fainted on the spot in the past.
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The twenty-seventh chapter desperate to escape

Eighty miles away from the two, the yellow world is dotted with a dark spot, from the near you can see, this dark spot is composed of densely packed child, even there are nearly two thousand!

These zombies have a human form, there are also beast-shaped, these zombies do not like Li war they encountered a few, issued an unconscious howling, but very quiet, quiet, some strange, it seems not to fight The center of the team has a large body posture, this is a black great ape, height of ten meters standing herd, exploding muscles show the strength of the master forceless, its entire team leader, a powerful corpse!

Can vaguely see the appearance of its lifetime - a high-level beast split ape! However, relative to the split ape, this body size is only twice as large!

When the first child found Li Zhan et al., It did not respond. It aimed at the Qianshan martial world rather than the few bugs that came out of the martial world, but ordered a few children to patrol around Scouts looked in the past, but after a while found that after another six dead men, the corpse's eyes opened up, representing the corpse identity of the green eyes look terrible terror, it is angry!

It has been a high self-esteem, the strength of the corpse is top-notch, this time the heart of the Qianshan martial arts boundary was swallowed, His Royal Highness Whitehead has been perceived, deliberately sent it, that is, so that it can grow into King corpse, became the strongest White King in the hands of a few sub-corpses that a few insects a war criminals, there is a strong but not yet to the war criminals, there is even a lack of strength Little guy! It feels like an insult to his dignity in the future!

In fact, the son of the body felt that the great warrior is Li Yuan Shang, and this old guy is accustomed to his deceptive technology, how can the district sub-corpse see? If Li Yuan Shang knew that she was angry because of this, I do not know how I would feel ...

The corpse jumped suddenly, 'bang' jumped to the outside of the team, a large number of yellow sand flew, hit the body on the side of the corpse, crackling, there is an unlucky child dead or even flying sand to wear The head of the dead directly dead on the ground did not care about this, it is only in the direction of Lieutenant Lee and shout loudly, just like the entire team suddenly live up, all kinds of unconscious howling issued, the army began to rapid To the direction of the body of the womb Lee war and others who know nothing about this, after all, still some distance away from them, but even in the boundary wall is also the peak war king also rely on the most primitive way to feel around, that is, five eyes Can not see so far, the ear is even less likely to hear the sound of eighty miles both father and son have run for a long time, during which they eliminated the two plectrum dead body, the more and more large, Li Yuan Shang face more and more Ugly because he knows they're caught!

Now Li Yuan Shang's war has consumed nearly Liu Cheng, side of the road side of the absorption of Lingshi that point Reiki has some drop in the bucket, even if his bite replaced by the best Lingshi, the situation is not very good change Li war now But also covered with sweat, but the strange is that he did not feel tired, but very hungry, Meng Meng Daoshi woke up, but no naughty, obediently sat in his pocket, silent 'old man, we are so When do you run a head ah? I think you are very tired, or we break for a while? 'Li war looked at his face some pale Li Yuan Shang, worried that Li Yuan Shang shook his head:' No, we have not out of danger, More and more children corpse Wai up, I suspect a while there will be a huge corpse team attack, we can not stop!

Li war also know Li Yuan Shang said rational, but has been so run is not a solution, ah, to know those who control the body but do not know tired, they will catch up sooner or later Li Yuan Shang did not know, but he has not resolved, If he does not have to consume it, with the war of li fights it is possible to escape the follow-up of the corpses, but then his war will be exhausted, who knows in front of any corpse in case there is a corpse in front of the words , Needless to say, as long as there are three zombie-level child corpse, then they have to destroy the group, the current strength of Li Zhan is still too weak, even know the key to the child corpse, But also a waste of money But the back faint roar to help Li Yuan Shang made a decision, my heart never again lucky, grabbing the hand of Li Zhan, the speed suddenly accelerated to more than five times the speed of the previous run mad Li war feeling Eyes have to spend, thanks to the surrounding scenery van cleef and arpels vintage alhambra necklace fake is not much change, or else he felt himself almost fainted, the speed is somewhat faster, he is still some body Fortunately, Li can not stand still stopped and ran for half an hour, or else have to Li Zhan can not spit, Li Zhan feel there may be some motion sickness ......

Li Yuan Shang's face has no bloody, white and white, sat down on the ground, big mouth gasping, apparently exhausted Li war quickly took out a pot of water to Li Yuan Shang, but fortunately he had left some All drank, Li Yuan Shang drank a large mouth, restored some of the spirit, from the storage bracelet out of a few pieces of Needy alhambra necklace copy Lingshi, did not say a word, began to absorb Li war also drank, but also fed the snow Sprouted van cleef diamond necklace imitation Meng, sitting next to waiting, eyes straight hooked behind, for fear of the horizon there are a few children dead on the other side, sensing their own goals even farther and farther from their own, the last actually lost its tracks, Xingzheng angry, roared loudly, behind the child corpse team began to disperse, fan-shaped ran to the front.
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Focus on intelligence plus 70 Asura brush equipment selection explain

70 Today, the brush really blind figure a lot (integrated aspects), Today we talk about the specific choice of brush equipment As the 70 version of the liberation of equipment and equipment, and finally our plate armor has an intelligence bonus. For a fixed injury occupations, the main focus of the brush map of course, is the intelligence, I first from the intelligence of various equipment to explain to you all the way to mention other aspects: From the armor, the current mainstream is slightly CC, the current 60CC Some parts out of stock, the choice of CC sets of 55 is still good, the whole armor itself added around 260 intelligence (not including plate armor), can be said to be very high, when we buy as much as possible to pick or adjust to the highest level, Because the most general level and the highest level under the most a lot of intelligence, and CC's addition is the most comprehensive addition skills are also very good. By the way to add 60cc intelligence is actually not much difference between and 55CC, 280 or so, the money can also be said next income under a very cost-effective set: that is the true light of the shadow set, the whole set of intelligence plus 160 or so. Although there is a certain gap between CC, but the price determines his good, we all understand alhambra necklace fake that Shura's equipment has always been cheaper. One of the two skills and CC plus the same, very good addition is the ancient loose Although it does not set the effect of intelligence, but it is a total of five pieces of spare parts plus 160 or so intelligence. Divided into blessing God's anger; cruel; secret and agile. The ancient three sets of other effects is also very good very comprehensive, in addition to its effect for a variety of skills I think we should also understand that the scope increases, reduce cooling, attack segments, extend the time. And so on, all right out of band to find somebody with you, do not explain the last want to mention by the way a perverted thing, that is the product of our evil real wild boar, Black Plague sets a full set of attributes plus 300 Intelligence, but also the effect of superposition, a single effect is a surreal artifact alternatives. Open 70 version of 5 months, there should be some players immediately done. By the way, grumble (True Wild boar Nima!)

Physical armor is generally the 4 sets of options, here we talk about jewelry:

Elf blessing jewelry set in the intellectual aspects of a good addition, the preferred silver, bronze intelligence is too low, the gold can not afford nor out of stock. A total of silver plus a set of intelligence around 93, high. Then introduce some other jewelry Phantasmal Spirit, may have not seen any player, plus the highest intelligence bracelet, 50 intelligence and 5 chances to increase 25 intelligence, and can be superimposed, but after all, there is no goods in the region . . In the meditation. . . Amber bracelets, because most of the bracelets are not intellectual reasons, had to start from the effect, after all, is the pursuit of intelligence, the performance of 15 in the bracelet is also very helpful, but also superimposed lapis lazuli bracelet and teammates, not For anything else, it's the intelligence of 12, the only purple bracelet with intelligence itself

Grief bracelet, 7 crit is actually very powerful In addition to the van cleef diamond necklace replica wizard above the general introduction of the blessing, there is no necklace in the intelligence has a prominent addition, that is, the higher the level of intelligence higher. However, there is a slightly prominent necklace is lonely waiting necklace, his intelligence is also slightly higher, at 35. (65 or more pink necklace is not 35) And it is rare that it also added 5 release, very good , Each district should still exist a few pieces, although the price is much higher than a lot of Brigitte Mann, ancient memory plus 4, plus magic explosion plus 4, very good things, but 600 transparent bar,

Grief necklace,% 8 damage has also improved for us The preferred ancient Elwynn ring, the intelligence of their own 41 plus 6 chances of superposition of 9% intelligence is a wonderful artifact Lalo lost the ring, is also a good choice . Triggering probability is smaller than Alvin, but also a physical attack, but add more intelligence than the ancient Alvindo, is 15%, can also be considered

Suratuo eyes, for the addition of ancient memories of players, is also a good choice Black Pearl Midst, broken method of law plus 20% injury, specifically for the legal profession to prepare. Note: Kirin bone ring is not effective on the magic damage. Epic armbands of various occupations are not emphasized, so far not seen in the streets Shura with epic auxiliary and magic stone

In addition to the name of the armband or armband best: Armenian family armor, the king's first choice, four-dimensional 75 intelligence, though a bit expensive. . Then a variety of other types of armbands, almost worse than him, but also very good, the ancestral royal four-dimensional 65, Belmar royal armband four-dimensional alhambra van cleef necklace imitation 45, four-dimensional Albert armband 35,

The other is the ancient miracle - dark and dark, four-dimensional 38. Although less than the armband intelligence series, but the added skills are good Hippo's treasure ancient talisman, four-dimensional 34 is not bad, but the skill plus no ancient miracle good
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