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Time for Another Human Genome Project

The scientific charge to bvlgari necklace imitation gold read a human genome started gaining traction 25 years ago. Now it may be time to think about writing one.

Conceived in the mid 1980s, launched in 1990, and completed to first draft in 2000, the Human Genome Project (HGP) was one of the largest international science collaborations in modern history. Costing approximately $3 billion, it was also one of the most expensive. The HGP was visionary, initiated even before the first bacterial genome (much smaller) had been sequenced. It transformed biology into a digital information science, yielding ongoing returns that include new insights into the molecular basis of life, cancer, and evolution, and also practical applications, like rapid genetic tests for important diseases.

That was then, this is now. Today, in 2012, reading a human genome is no big deal. It takes about a day and is approaching $1,000 in price. BGI, the Chinese DNA sequencing powerhouse in Shenzen, is out to sequence 1 million human genomes, a million animal and plant genomes, plus a million bacterial genomes for good measure. The forefront of genetics has moved on to new frontiers. One frontier is informational, massive data crunching to simply make sense of all this genetic information. The other frontier is about writing DNA code genetic engineering.

Genetic engineering isn't what most people imagine it to be. It still conjures up the idea of white coated scientists surrounded by knock off bvlgari sun pendant test tubes and beakers bubbling away with colorful potions. In fact, there's no lab necessary, any old coffee shop will do. This is because genetic engineering's gone digital, all done with computer software, using programs that function much like word processors. Mix and match genetic code, spell and error check, shuffle bits around it's drag and drop easy. When it looks good, just hit send. Companies like DNA 2.0 or IDT transform the virtual DNA into the real stuff using DNA printers called synthesizers.

It's called synthetic biology. Fast, easy, and cheap, synthetic biology is genetic engineering for the Facebook generation. Projects that once took months now take minutes; that once cost millions, a few thousand. Personal genomics following the same Moore's Law cost curve as personal computing. It's no surprise that the field's pioneers are the under 25 set, that the number of people associating themselves with synthetic biology has grown astronomically, and the potential for disruptive innovation is waking up everyone from Big Pharma to DARPA to Bill Gates, who said if he were a teenager today, he'd be hacking biology, not computers.

Activity in synthetic biology is growing across the board, with groups large and small applying the technology to specific challenges, a biofuel here, a drug there, a new diagnostic test, and so forth. With each drop in the price of DNA synthesis, or improvement in making DNA assemblies, the more projects that boot up, the more companies are launched, and the more investor money is raised. Despite this activity, outside of the scientific community, few have heard of synthetic biology, and even fewer appreciate just how powerful the technology is.

It's about time this changed. To this end, perhaps it's time to consider a copy pendant bvlgari new grand challenge for genetics, one that captures the public interest. I can think of none grander than an international effort to write a human genome.

I want to be absolutely clear that I'm talking only about the task of writing a complete 3 billion basepair human genome, correctly organized into 23 chromosomes, and packaged into a nucleus. A technical challenge, validated by showing the synthetic genome is functional if microinjected into a cultured cell. What I'm definitely not suggesting is growing a baby from a synthetic genome. Before we can fly, we need to be able to walk.

Here's why I believe launching an effort to write a human genome makes sense. (Think of it as HGP 2.0.)

It's actually commonplace to write human genomes. Every time one of our cells divide, the cell's genome must be copied. The cellular machinery for perfectly duplicating DNA and packaging it into chromosomes may be complex and currently beyond our complete understanding, but it exists. Genetic scientist Craig Venter successfully wrote and "booted" a synthetic bacterial genome in 2010. DNA synthesis costs fallen by about half per year on average. Today they about $0.20 cents per DNA base, or about $600 million undiscounted to synthesize a human genome. Granted, that's a lot of money. But in the next 18 months, newer synthesis technology is expected to accelerate the price drop. Next generation DNA printers should reduce prices by a factor of 1000, or roughly $600,000. An effort to write a human genome would build on bvlgari pendant necklace fake this foundation.

Like the first HGP, while controversial, there are obvious benefits, for example, lowering the cost of developing new drugs or producing new fuels.

Overall, a coordinated effort to write a Human Genome would likely be completed in less than a decade, cost significantly less than the first HGP, and result in countless new biotech applications. To me, it seems a no brainer when it comes to big ideas in the genetic space. What is surprising to me is that the genomics community hasn't yet advanced such a project. Eventually, someone has to. or China will lead the scientific charge.
they might be simple but they're highly effective

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The toxic fallout of 9

For more than a year after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, 200 hazardous waste workers reported to work every morning inside the Deutsche Bank building in downtown Manhattan. They pulled white Tyvek suits over their street clothes; stretched dual filtered breathing masks over their faces, and systematically sealed themselves off from their surroundings. The interior was so toxic that they could not enter the building any other way.

Inside, the workers tromped through a fine, fluffy gray dust that had settled across a floor strewn with loose papers, discarded computers, and iron beams from the fallen World Trade Center towers next door. The dust, 3 feet deep in places, filled the hallways. A dangerous toxic mold spread from the two damp basement levels, shooting sticky black vines like alien fingertips through the elevator shafts to the upper floors. On the north side of the building a 24 story tall gash exposed the dust and mold to the wind, sun and rain. Most of the windows were gone.

The building was directly downwind of the plume of toxic debris pumped through Manhattan and Brooklyn by the force of the Trade Center collapse, and it provides one of the best records of what made up the cloud. Environmental Protection Agency insisted that the dust contained few contaminants and posed little health risk to anyone but those caught in the initial plume from the towers collapse. we tested for, which includes asbestos, lead, and volatile organic compounds, have been below any level of concern for the general public health, Christine Todd Whitman, then the Bush administration EPA chief, told PBS in April 2002. Even last December, assistant regional EPA administrator Kathleen Callahan reiterated that assessment before the New York City Council: think the results that we getting back show that there isn contamination everywhere.

But Deutsche Bank owners, curious to know the extent of their liability and to properly evaluate the potential danger to their own employees, privately conducted their own extensive tests. The findings: Astronomical levels of asbestos and a long list of toxic ingredients that pose a significant risk of cancer, birth defects, nerve damage and other ominous health problems.

More than 2,000 buildings in lower Manhattan were exposed to the same wave of debris and dust, and many were filled with residents and office workers within days after the attacks. Today, the Deutsche Bank findings and an emerging body of studies by private agencies and the EPA itself sharply contradict the initial EPA assessment and suggest that the federal government overlooked a substantial threat that could ultimately harm more people than the terrorist attacks.

The cloud of pulverized debris was a virtual soup of toxic substances: Cancer causing asbestos. PCBs one of the most toxic and dangerous industrial chemicals from a giant electrical transformer and waste oil. Mercury, which can cause nerve damage and birth defects, from the thousands of laptop computer screens that were atomized that day. Thousands of tons of pulverized concrete, which can sear the soft membrane of the lungs. Dioxin, which can damage the central nervous system and cause birth defects. The EPA final report on air quality released in January 2003 called the Trade Center collapse the largest single release of dioxin in world history more than enough, on its own, to establish lower Manhattan as a federal Superfund site.

Immediately after the towers collapsed, and as fires burned for days afterward, that cloud filtered its way through window seals and ventilation ducts of thousands of buildings, even those thought to be undamaged and safe. It accumulated in the corners of homes, behind bookcases and under beds. Even today, it is in the carpeting of schools and on the desktops of offices, in the ventilation systems of many buildings that have not been cleaned.

Under fire from residents, businesses and local officials, the EPA finally reversed its position in May 2002 and launched knock off pendant bvlgari an effort to clean 6,000 residences. But the program was voluntary, outreach was dismal, and it addressed dust issues in less than 20 percent of the apartments in lower Manhattan. It did nothing to ensure that the thousands of offices, stores, restaurants and other business spaces in the district were safe for human occupation. Even the EPA in house inspector general, in a draft of a report due out next month, slammed the agency for erroneously reassuring residents and workers that all was well in the days after the attacks. Citing information from a high ranking EPA official, the draft report said agency statements in the days after the terrorist attacks were influenced by environmental advisors in Bush White House.

Local politicians accuse the EPA of deliberately misleading the public through what Democratic Rep. Jerrold Nadler, who represents the downtown district, calls a campaign of and half truths.

EPA response to the Sept. 11 attacks was more than a complete disgrace, Nadler said earlier this summer in an interview about Whitman tenure as chief of the agency. was, in fact, malfeasance. One study published this month blames the Trade Center dust for the premature and underweight births of dozens of babies born since 9/11. Some doctors say the accumulating effect of long term exposure to these contaminants could leave thousands of people with cancer, heart disease, lasting respiratory ailments or debilitating allergies. For the residents and workers in lower Manhattan, coughs persist, hospital visits continue and options for recourse are dwindling.

Diane Van Dyke was standing with her husband Bob in the middle of their fourth floor Stone Street loft and recording studio on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, when the building began to shake. They did not yet know about the hijacked airplanes they just felt the buildings collapsing five blocks away. From their windows they watched what they described as a fall across the canyon of buildings and streets between their apartment and ground zero. Before they could grasp what was happening, a thick blizzard of whitish gray debris cut their view of the outside world. Then the pelting started. To Diane it sounded like tons of gravel were being dumped on the roof of their century old building. Through the skylight, they watched the dust turn the sunlight into blackness.

Unlike most downtown residents, the Van Dykes were never evacuated. They had electricity and water and so it seemed natural to hole up at home it was the safest place they knew. The dust settled inside immediately, but whether it came through drafty window seals, the rooftop ventilation duct, or off the clothing and hair of the ghost like people they let in from the street, Diane never knew. wouldn even describe it as dust. It finer than talcum powder, she said. the kind of stuff that gets in the fiber of your clothes. You can just brush it off. But what she saw collecting inside her home faster than she could wipe it away was nothing compared to the litter of documents, suitcases, buildings, and body parts three feet deep outside. Even as she wiped the loft down, Diane replica pendant bvlgari felt fortunate.

It was on Sept. 13 that Christine Todd Whitman first announced that New York air and water were safe. According to Nadler, Whitman proclamation came before the EPA had received a single test result for sampling of indoor air or dust, but even so, her words provided the reassurance that Diane needed. The Van Dykes could have evacuated to a place with safe, clean air, but Diane continued to clean her apartment instead.

That same day, however, bvlgari pendant fake a small cut on her leg grew inexplicably swollen and infected. Both Diane and Bob, like thousands of downtown residents and workers, said they developed a persistent dry cough in the weeks that followed. Diane diligently followed common sense and the instructions the EPA slipped under her door: use a wet mop to dust regularly and vacuum with a specialized High Efficiency Particulate Air filter (HEPA) that traps and removes extremely small particles. She wrapped her air conditioner in blankets, sealed the filter from her heating vent in a plastic bag, and shut off all the ducts.

Meanwhile the fires at Ground Zero continued to burn. Street cleaners and Army trucks kicked up the smoke and ash throughout the Financial District. When Diane cuts and scrapes didn heal, when her nose bled from dry cracking in the membranes inside her nostrils, she began to suspect that despite the EPA assurances, the dust she was continuously cleaning was affecting her health.

Eight weeks after the attacks, in the middle of the night, Diane lay in bed wide awake. The right side of her neck, face, and head throbbed with incessant pain that had grown worse over the last two days. Once, she had an abscess in her tooth. This felt like an abscess in her eardrum.

Three days later the pain was unbearable. At New York University Downtown Hospital Emergency Room, doctors diagnosed Diane with an ear infection. Two men she met in the waiting room described the same pain, but Diane doctors told her there was no association with the dust and the downtown cleanup.

Antibiotics cleared her infection, but her frequent colds, respiratory infections, allergies, and low energy levels have lingered. Over the past year Diane said she has called in sick to her waitress job an average of three days each month. She hadn missed three days in the entire year before Sept. 11. just haven been feeling very good. My breathing is bad. Every time something goes around I get sick, she said. not the calm, focused person I used to be.

The Van Dykes looked to the EPA for answers, but like many residents now campaigning for government help, they have found little resolution. Indeed, for nine months after Sept. 11, the EPA insisted that the dust contained few contaminants and posed little health risk to anyone but those caught outdoors in the initial plume from the towers collapse. The agency and the city Health Department referred to hundreds of their own tests, few of which have been made fully public. The agencies asserted that none of the hundred or so buildings they tested required abatement, but their results were criticized from the start as incomplete and nonspecific even from departments within the EPA.

Doubting the government findings, the Ground Zero Elected Officials Task Force including Nadler, New York state Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, and City Council member Margarita Lopez conducted their own independent study and released results in October 2001. The task force looked at samples from two downtown apartments and found asbestos levels in the dust nearly 460 times the EPA allowable limit. The task force study was the first in a series of independent efforts that slowly began to chip away at the EPA findings.

In June 2002, nine months after the attacks, the EPA opened its help lines for the first time to residents wanting testing and cleaning in their apartments. were told that somebody would come by. We were told so many different things. I don think I gotten an honest answer from them, Diane said about her early conversations with EPA officials. I heard one day on the news that they didn think there was a problem, but just to make people feel better they were going to send people to clean. And it occurred to me, these people they were going to send, they weren going to be scientists or anything.

Despite their skepticism, the Van Dykes immediately signed up. It was seven months before they received a call to schedule a cleanup.

Joel Kupferman wheels his office chair about the tiny space left between the three desks and thousands of loose leaf pages piled in his 8 by 8 foot office at the New York Environmental Law and Justice Project, just across the street from the regional EPA headquarters on Broadway. It a shoestring firm that built a reputation representing voiceless underdogs in heated anti government battles.

In November 2001, skeptical residents of the Tribeca Tower called Kupferman office for help. The New York City Department of Health had tested for asbestos throughout the 52 story building and found nothing. Kupferman hired an independent contractor to re test in the building using a highly sensitive electron microscope method. A certified industrial hygienist took samples throughout the building, finding an alarming 550,000 structures of asbestos per square centimeter 550 times the safe limit of the microscopic fibers in a hallway ventilation duct that circulates fresh air throughout the building. Kupferman repeated his investigation in five other buildings, finding dangerous amounts of asbestos in each one, and he began to see a pattern.

Tests conducted by governmental agencies using weaker microscopes were not detecting the unusually fine and fractured asbestos particles that resulted from the phenomenal force of two 110 story skyscrapers collapsing. Tests from inside EPA own offices drive the point home: Their samples showed a 40 percent increase in asbestos detection using electron microscopes. didn really want to find the stuff, Kupferman said, so they succeeded in not finding stuff again and again.

EPA spokesperson Mary Mears bristled at that accusation. are certain differences of opinion that will not be resolved, she said, explaining that she could not comment on the private residential lab results bvlgari necklace imitation gold because they may not have been collected using precise EPA methods. do not agree that this is a public health concern, she said. have not seen the evidence, we do not see the danger. And personally, I think it a shame to think the peoples civil servants [EPA employees] would lie to them.

When another of Kupferman tests at a Franklin Street apartment yielded the highest levels of asbestos found in a Manhattan residence, EPA and city Department of Environmental Protection investigators agreed to come and take a look. According to Kupferman, the two agencies split the same samples, tested according to their respective methods, and returned telling results. Using the cheaper and simpler microscope method, the DEP failed to find any asbestos. Using an electron microscope, EPA testers returned a reading five times the agency safety threshold.

week and a half later the EPA announces that they are going to do the whole indoor cleanup of residences downtown. I think this was the catalyst, Kupferman said. put the facts on the table.

On June 8, 2002, despite its earlier insistence that cleaning indoor spaces was beyond the EPA jurisdiction, the agency launched what it described as a comprehensive residential testing and cleaning program. The plan failed to address commercial buildings, leaving that issue, without explanation, to private property owners. It did, however, take a giant step toward placating Bob and Diane Van Dyke and other residents angered about air quality issues.
Top Selling Albums of the 80s

The 1980s ushered in a new wave bvlgari copy necklace gold of music in part thanks to a cable television network called MTV. Videos changed the way music was made. Suddenly the look was just as important, if not more important, than the music.

The hard rocking bands of the 70s that were not necessarily made for TV fell out of the limelight in favor of the hair rocking bands of the 80s, complete with make up and elaborate copy bvlgari heart pendant costumes.

Video directors were more in demand than music producers and throughout the decade, videos were the driving force in the music industry and they created stars overnight that had the right look.

This visual format allowed other genres of music to explode into the mainstream such as Rap and Hip/Hop, Punk and New Wave and a new type of synthesizer heavy Pop music that produced one hit wonder after the other.

It also gave rise to the Pop mega stars such as Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Madonna and Whitney Houston just to name a few.

This period also experienced a change in the preferred listening format twice. Vinyl records gave way to cassettes, then cassettes to CDs toward the end of the decade.

This was the golden age of the music industry when sales were through the roof with lots of free publicity for their music on cable television.

And it all started with the launch of a cable channel on August 1, 1981 with Killed the Radio Star Some would argue that it killed music for at least a decade too.

When I look back on that time I remember a lot of good and bad music. Face it, it was a radical departure from the sounds of the 1970s and whenever major changes in any industry occur like that, there are hits and misses. To say that the music in that decade was terrible misses the point. Each decade since the 50s has redefined itself musically, with each format leading to the next as the listening public grew tired of the same old thing and craved something different.

My point is, if you preferred the music in the 90s over the 80s, then you should recognize that the 80s begat the 90s. Without the excess of that decade, perhaps the new rock and hip hop that emerged in the 90s may have never occurred or been delayed.

However, millions of records were sold during the decade so someone was enjoying it.

So when all was said and done, who came out on top in album sales during the decade of decadence?

20. Top Gun Soundtrack (9.6 Million Sales) Catapulted Tom Cruise to superstar status with its mass appeal and MTV inspired visuals and storyline. In fact, parts of the movie looked like a music video from the era.

19. Van Halen 1984 (10.1 Million Sales) Guitarist Eddie Van Halen redefined what the electric guitar could do in the 70s and the band added a synthesizer heavy sound for the video age with big hits like "Jump", "Panama" and "I'll wait". This was the last album David Lee Roth recorded with Van Halen.

18. Whitney Houston Whitney (10.8 Million Sales) bvlgari copy necklace uk Whitney's second album released in the decade, it did not sell as many copies as her debut, but featured hits such as "I Wanna Dance With Somebody, "So Emotional", and "Where Do Broken Hearts Go" and would have been considered a monster success for most other artists at the time.

17. Lionel Richie Can't Slow Down (10.9 Million Sales) Featured hits "All Night Long," "Running with the Night," "Penny Lover," and a song called "Hello" which he made into a creepy video where he stalks a blind woman.

16. Madonna Like a Virgin (10.9 Million Sales) Rocketed her to stardom in 1984 with hits a Virgin and Girl.

15. George Michael Faith (11.2 Million Sales)

Michael left Wham for a solo career and his debut was a smash featuring the title hit, more try and want your Sex all hitting number 1 on the USA Billboard Singles Charts. He was the prototypical video success of the 80s and he seemed to be at the right place at the right time.

14. U2 The Joshua Tree (11.8 Million Sales) I have to admit I never liked U2. This album had a couple of songs on it that I hated. Every time they came on the radio, my finger shot to change the station. I have nothing good to say about this album so I will move along.

13. Michael Jackson Bad (11.9 Million Sales) His follow up to Thriller was another monster success spawning multiple videos that were in heavy rotation on MTV including the title track, Diana "Another Part of Me and Criminal One of the best albums in any era.

12. Dirty Dancing Soundtrack (12.5 Million Sales)

Another one that was not really one of my favorites. I don think I have ever seen this entire movie at once and I have no desire to do so. However, I did love Patrick Swayze and he is missed.

9. Dire Straits Brothers in Arms (12.9 Million Sales) I personally never really found their music appealing. However, regarding for Nothing when you include MTV in the song chorus, you are assured of being played on the network. Great marketing move.

8. Bruce Springsteen Live: 1975 85 (3CD) (13.1 Million Sales) A 3 CD set that included material from various setting including huge tours to small studio rooms.7. Prince Music from the Motion Picture "Purple Rain" (13.6 Million Sales) I remember going to see this movie when I was in high school. A friend of mine had a Toyota Cellica and used to play this constantly for months. Great Album. Crappy Movie.

6. Phil Collins No Jacket Required (13.8 Million in Sales) I will admit, I was a Phil Collins fan when he was in Genesis and during parts of his solo career. The man was a hit maker and this album knock off bvlgari pendant included One more night , lose my number and my personal favorite don wanna know Great album.

5. Whitney Houston Whitney Houston (14.2 Copies Sold) When I saw Whitney Houston in that will I know video as a young man, I was in love. This was her debut album and launched several number one hits including the one I just mentioned plus "You Give Good Love," "Saving All My Love for You," and the "Greatest Love of All." It too bad she went down the path she did.
The story of a true art lover

One day in 1978, Colin Graham, director emeritus of the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, drove up to the gallery with a small moving van and proceeded to unload the estate of Harold and Vera Mortimer Lamb. Scores of artworks were unpacked in the basement storage area; papers and photographs were carried to the library; household items were set aside for the volunteer committee's Classy Cast Off sale. A considerable amount of money was deposited in the bank for the purchase of Canadian art. I took a well used Windsor chair bvlgari necklace imitation gold from the van to my office upstairs and sat down to write about the donation for the gallery's Arts Victoria magazine. That was my introduction to a fascinating story of love and Canadian art.

In stature, Mortimer Lamb was small, with spectacles and a little goatee. With his first wife, Kate, he fathered six children, and at the time of her death they had been married for 45 years. During that time he also fathered a child by his housekeeper, Mary Williams, who lived bvlgari copy necklace uk with the family for the next 23 years. Their daughter is the artist Molly Lamb Bobak. Then, a widower at the age of 70, Mortimer Lamb married the legendary beauty Vera Weatherbie, who was just 30, and they shared 28 years of happily married life, until his death at the age of 99.

Mortimer Lamb loved art: the artworks, the people who made them and those who inspired them. He was a photographer, a painter, a patron and a promoter of art. He is mentioned in the index of many books about Canadian art history but until now has remained a figure in the background. Jackson, writing about him as early as 1911. It was Mortimer Lamb who, in 1921, first brought Emily Carr to the attention of the National Gallery of Canada, and he was instrumental in bringing Frederick Varley to Vancouver in 1926, where he became his patron and supporter. Mortimer Lamb was constantly in the company of the best artists he befriended Sophie Pemberton in Victoria in 1904 and Laura Muntz in Montreal in 1907; he kept in touch with Arthur Lismer and the Group of Seven from the 1920s on and was at home to Jack Shadbolt in Vancouver from 1939. He was a neighbour of Lawren and Bess Harris. Binning, Fred Amess, Vera Weatherbie, Jack Shadbolt, Harry Upperton Knight, Joe Plaskett, Bruno Bobak and others. His photographs are in the collections of the Royal Photographic Society in London, the National Gallery of Canada, the Vancouver Art Gallery and the University of British Columbia. In the end, he and Vera left a collection of art numbering 192 pieces in every curatorial department in the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. The British Columbia Archives holds more than 260 of his photographs.

Mortimer Lamb was an exponent of what was called replica bulgari pendant Pictorial photography, a soft focus esthetic tinged with soulful symbolism. In the 1920s, Pictorialism was superseded by the hard edge of Modernism, at which time Mortimer Lamb's considerable achievements were deemed pass. Yet in the first years of the 20th century, he was the leading artistic photographer in Canada. His work was regularly exhibited and published in London and New York, and he was the Canadian correspondent for the leading art and photography journals.

Mortimer Lamb was not a tortured romantic soul. During his entire working life, he was fully and usefully employed by various divisions of the Canadian Mining Institute, and so was able to support and encourage the arts with his own resources. Thus he has been seen as a dilettante. As this story shows, he was not a trifler, but a man with a lifelong and profound commitment to art.

For 50 years, Mortimer Lamb was involved with Vancouver's galleries and museums, as founder, board member, imitation bvlgari heart pendant donor and champion. In the end, he felt that his contributions would be more effective in Victoria, where the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria showed a serious interest in his vision. Building on the basis of his donations, that gallery's collections of Asian art, decorative art, and Canadian painting have given it unique strength. Thus, he is better known in Victoria than Vancouver.

I took up the story of Mortimer Lamb because I wanted to learn about his life. Why was Kate sequestered in the back room? What went on between Mortimer Lamb and Mary Williams? Was Vera really Varley's lover? How did the old codger catch the almond eyed beauty?
Two years for sex assault on boys

Brown, 23, hung her head and wept quietly Tuesday as she was sentenced to two years behind bars and three years of supervised probation. Her name will also be placed on the national sex offender registry.

"She allowed the lines of her supervisory position over these boys to become personal," said provincial court Judge Tracey Lord. Lord agreed to the length of sentence Crown attorney Brian Sharpe was seeking.

Justice sources told the Free Press there are very few cases in Manitoba that have involved women who took advantage of their bvlgari 4 band ring knock off position of power to abuse young male victims.

Brown was arrested last year after allegations surfaced about her conduct while working at Knowles Centre, a Winnipeg treatment centre for at risk youth. She was fired immediately from her job. Brown admitted to sexually assaulting the two teens, although she minimized her conduct by claiming they were willing participants who encouraged the illicit relationship.

"It's concerning that she places responsibility on them to some extent," Lord said Tuesday.

All of the criminal acts occurred in 2010. On one occasion, Brown admits sneaking off with one of the boys while taking him bulgari ceramic ring replica on an escorted walk near the facility.

"Do you want to have sex bvlgari white ceramic ring imitation with me?" Brown asked the boy. He agreed, and a sexual act occurred.

Days later, the pair engaged in sexual intercourse at bvlgari black ceramic ring copy Brown's apartment, court was told.

"There is no suggestion it was anything but consensual," said Lord. However, Canada's age of consent is 16, plus Brown was in a position of trust over the victims, which was a further aggravating feature.

In the fall of 2010, Brown took the second victim on an escorted tour into the RM of Springfield. She then engaged in a sexual act with the boy while inside a van owned by the treatment centre.

Brown was released on bail following her February 2011 arrest, with conditions including having no contact with children under the age of 16. She remained free in the community until she was led away in handcuffs Tuesday afternoon. Several family members were in court for support.

A spokesman for Knowles Centre declined to comment on Tuesday, citing privacy concerns. But Rosalind Prober, president of international advocacy group Beyond Borders, said there is "no excuse" as to how Brown came to be alone with children under her care.

"It's very odd that in 2010, with all we know about the sexual exploitation of children, that she was alone with these boys," said Prober, whose group fights to end child exploitation at home and abroad. While data show female perpetrators of child sexual exploitation are much less common than male perpetrators, many experts wonder if that could be due to under reporting.

Prober emphasized organizations that work with children must always remain vigilant.

"Wherever you find vulnerable children, you could find someone who's going to take advantage of them," Prober said. "This crime is proving itself to be enormously resilient."

Brown's lawyer told court her client has suffered greatly as a result of social media that outed her as a sex offender. Brown has no prior criminal record and was described by a probation officer as coming from a loving, supportive pro social background. However, Brown began experiencing issues of "emotional insecurity" in recent years that led to "poor decision making regarding personal relationships," according to the court ordered forensic report.

Lord said Tuesday she is concerned Brown doesn't fully understand the damage she caused. She urged the young woman to use her time in custody wisely, including taking sexual offender treatment and counselling that will continue under her probation order.

with files from Melissa MartinPast cases of improper relationships

MELISSA Brown joins a small but growing list of Manitoba women who have been making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Brown's sexual relationship with two 14 year old clients at a youth treatment centre comes on the heels of a handful of similar incidents.

A popular teacher and coach at Fort Richmond Collegiate was charged with sexual exploitation earlier this year for alleged offences involving a male student that occurred between 2006 and 2008. Regan Moses, a social studies teacher and coach who has taught at Fort Richmond Collegiate since 1999, remains before the courts. None of the allegations has been proven.

A psychiatric nursing student at the Selkirk Mental Health Centre was fired from her job two years ago after getting caught in the arms of a mentally ill murderer. The woman, who wasn't charged with any criminal offences, admits she fell in love with Earl Joey Wiebe while supervising him. Officials found love letters and explicit photographs documenting the affair.

"I've basically ruined my whole life, my marriage, my job, my schooling and future career," the 33 year old woman told the Free Press in an exclusive interview. She agreed to speak on the condition her name not be published. "I still really care about him, and I believe that he does love me. I saw a different side of him. I do feel that he has a good, kind, gentle side and that I help bring that out in him."

In 2009, the issue of improper relationships with inmates came to light after two female guards at Headingley jail were fired one female correctional officer caught on videotape fondling a gang member under a table and another was caught having sexual contact with another gang member inside a storage closet. Neither was charged with any criminal offences.

A Manitoba corrections employee told the Free Press at the time "inappropriate sexual relationships between guards and inmates. occur more frequently than most people would think."

Justice officials claimed there were increasing attempts by gang members to "corrupt" their employees, which included getting involved in improper romantic relationships.
Toyota in major recall

The owners of 138,000 cars in Britain are being contacted over the problem which is part of the companies biggest recall in 16 years involving 7.4 million cars across the world.

In Britain, it applies to models of the car built between September 2006 and December 2008.

The fault is unrelated with a window switch fault identified by Honda earlier this week, which entailed ensuring the seal surrounding the button was watertight.

Although the Toyota fault is considered minor with drivers being told to have the 40 minute repair carried out at their convenience, it is bulgari black ceramic ring copy hugely embarrassing for the company.

The Japanese manufacturer, which has traditionally been a byword for reliability, has been striving to repair its reputation after a series of recalls.

Toyota fake bulgari black ceramic ring reputation reached a nadir in September 2009 it was forced to recall 4.2 million cars in America after fears that the accelerator pedal could get stuck under the floor mat, triggering fears of collisions.

Over the bvlgari b01 ring knock off following year, fears of unintended acceleration led to a series of further recalls of cars and vans finally totalling more than bvlgari 5 band ring knock off 10 million vehicles.

This was, however, dwarfed by Ford being forced to issue eight separate recalls over a decade, involving 14.3 million cars, because of a faulty cruise control system.
The strangest tales from rock's most mythical hotels

Hotel decadence is as mythologised a component of rock's heyday as big hair and leather trousers, before bands in the 21st century seem to become better behaved. Some hotels are famous for one great rock'n'roll story: the Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam where John Lennon and Yoko Ono staged their Bed In, for example, or the Holiday Inn in Flint, Michigan where Keith Moon claimed to have driven a Lincoln Continental into a swimming pool. Others, however, become regular playgrounds for pop and rock stars, and have a book's worth of tales and secrets hidden in their walls, like the Chateau Marmont, Los Angeles, about which Jarvis Cocker and Chilly Gonzales recently released the concept album Room 29. But the Chateau isn't even the only rock haven hotel in Hollywood. Here's some more of what the chambermaid saw.

Continental Hyatt House (now Andaz West Hollywood), Los Angeles

Originally opened by singing cowboy Gene Autry, the Continental Hyatt House's prime position towards the eastern end of Sunset Strip made it handy for the rock clubs. It was its forgiving attitude towards excess, though, that made it a firm favourite with musicians. Little Richard lived at the hotel in the 80s and 90s, and Lemmy wrote the song Motorhead there while still a member of Hawkwind. Jim Morrison was moved fake vintage bvlgari rings to a back room after dangling out of the window over the Strip, while Spinal Tap were interviewed by the Hyatt pool in This Is Spinal Tap (the hotel also features in Cameron Crowe's film about a teenage journalist writing for Rolling Stone, Almost Famous).

The Riot House, as it became known (it was renamed the Hyatt on Sunset in 1976 and the Andaz West Hollywood in 2009) is perhaps the most notorious in a city full of hotels with a rock'n'roll reputation (despite keen competition from the Sunset Marquis, just around the corner, where the Red Hot Chili Peppers once cannonballed from the roof into the pool on a video shoot). And the band probably responsible for most of its legends are Led Zeppelin, who travelled with an accountant to tot up damages. They could have afforded a much more luxurious hotel, but preferred to rent out whole floors of the Hyatt and throw foam parties in the rooftop pool.

John Bonham rode his motorbikes down the hotel corridors, while Robert Plant allegedly shouted, "I am a golden god!" from one of the hotel's balconies (a scene repeated by character Russell Hammond in Almost Famous). They were also generous with their destruction: according to their tour manager Richard Cole in the documentary Sunset Strip, when a hotel employee told them how envious he was that they could smash the rooms up, they told him to pick a room of his choice, vent his frustrations to his heart's content and add it to their bill.

Hotel Chelsea, New York

JavaScript required to play media

New York's most legendary hotel, the Chelsea was originally built as a commune inspired by the ideas of French philosopher Charles Fourier, a radical utopian socialist credited with the coining of the word 'feminism', but also with the belief that mankind, on achieving the perfect social order, would grow tails with little hands at the end. Clarke, who wrote 2001: A Space Odyssey there, Dylan Thomas, Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Arthur Miller and William Burroughs. Madonna shot photos for her Sex book at the Chelsea, while Andy Warhol superstar Viva, on deciding that her room should be bigger, simply knocked a hole through to the empty room vintage bvlgari rings replica next door. Sadly, the hotel is also notorious as the place where Sid Vicious stabbed his girlfriend Nancy Spungen and the hotel is namechecked in many songs, including Dylan's Sara, Nico's Chelsea Girls (written about Warhol's film of the same fake bvlgari 5 band ring name) and Graham Nash's The Chelsea Hotel.

Then there's Leonard Cohen's Chelsea Hotel No. 2. Written two years after Janis Joplin died of an overdose in a Hollywood hotel, the Landmark, it recounts an encounter between the two young stars. According to Cohen, as reported by Rolling Stone, the two met in the elevator. Joplin told Cohen she was looking for Kris Kristofferson. "Little lady, you're in luck, I am Kris Kristofferson," he told her. One floor led to another, and, as the lyrics put it: "I remember you well in the Chelsea Hotel / You were famous, your heart was a legend / You told me again you preferred handsome men / But for me you would make an exception."

In 1994, Cohen told the BBC he regretted linking Joplin to the song publicly. "I've always disliked the locker room approach to these matters it's an indiscretion for which I'm very sorry, and if there is some way of apologising to the ghost, I want to apologise now, for having committed that indiscretion."

It was just me and Bonehead and Sid left drinking, and for some reason, all the furniture in the bar started getting thrown out of the windows

Owen Morris

This Bayswater building has been frequented by the likes of Iggy Pop, Johnny Marr and Amy Winehouse. Its popularity with the musical world stems from the 1980s patronage of The Teardrop Explodes; they would later write a soundtrack for a radio documentary about the hotel (which is also namechecked in The Auteurs' Tombstone). Subsequent guests included Simple Minds, Eurythmics, The Human League and Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Oh, and Inspiral Carpets, with their roadie Noel Gallagher. He later named the first track he wrote with his brother's band Oasis Columbia after the good times he remembered at the hotel. Oasis would later make their own Columbia history, being banned from the hotel during the recording of Definitely Maybe, manager Michael Rose told the Independent in 1996, for behaviour that was "more than a tolerant hotel can cope with".

Definitely Maybe mixer Owen Morris later gave Q magazine more details: "By six in the morning, it was just me and Bonehead and Sid left drinking, and for some reason, don't exactly know why, all the furniture in the bar started getting thrown out of the windows chairs, tables, sofas, pot plant, etc. very archetypal rock'n'roll sad behaviour. It suddenly escalated when a bvlgari black ceramic ring imitation Mercedes car in the car park got trashed by something landing on it. The Mercedes belonged to the Columbia Hotel manager. The hotel rang the police, who arrived in force, but by which time we'd all packed our bags and walked out."

It was just me and Bonehead and Sid left drinking, and for some reason, all the furniture in the bar started getting thrown out of the windows

Owen MorrisThe Swingos Celebrity Inn Documentary

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Another hotel featured in Almost Famous, Swingos didn't start out with rock'n'roll ambitions. Proprietor Jim Swingos opened the hotel in the early 70s with the focus on its restaurant, but business was poor. When Elvis's promoter phoned up to make a booking, all that changed. The King booked up three floors and ran up a $20,000 bill, and Swingos's fate was sealed. The decor and menus were reworked to appeal to rockers, and guests from Frank Sinatra to KISS to Led Zeppelin flooded in. Perhaps his oddest story, though, is the time that imperial era Elvis ordered a steak, asked Swingos to personally cut it into tiny pieces for him, only to then command him to reassemble it like a meaty jigsaw.

Recently, a documentary was made about the hotel, The Swingos Celebrity Inn. Watch the trailer, above.

Pikes, Ibiza

Wham! Club Tropicana

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Ibiza was a decadent getaway for hedonists long before it became the pulsing centre of dance music. And when Wham! went there looking for the perfect luxury night spot for their Club Tropicana video, they settled on Pikes Hotel, now linked to Ibiza Rocks, the promoters who've become famous in recent years for their gigs and pool parties.

Shortly after learning that he had contracted HIV, Freddie Mercury threw the 41st birthday party for the ages at Pikes. There were 350 bottles of champagne, the hotel baked a six foot cake with the words to Mercury's Barcelona on it (a replacement for the original cake in the shape of Gaudi's Sagrada Familia, which collapsed under the weight of its own grandeur) and took three days just to inflate the balloons. Exotic and flamenco dancers writhed alongside guests including Julio Iglesias, Grace Jones, Jean Claude Van Damme, Kylie Minogue, Bon Jovi, Boy George, Tony Curtis, Naomi Campbell, Spandau Ballet and, as perhaps seems inevitable, Robert Plant.
The top 10 Michael Jackson songs

June 25 marks a year since Michael left us.

His music stays back, of course, and for that we remain eternally grateful, seeking succor in our playlists as we continue to miss a man we never quite imagined would die. May he groove in peace.

Now this is one of those impossible projects, picking the best songs by a man whose entire catalogue is filled with gems. And disagreement is guaranteed: because everyone repeat, EVERYONE has their favourite Michael Jackson songs.

What is beyond taste, however, is the fact that these are ten incredible songs: ten myth making works of staggering brilliance, ten songs each of which any band or singer would die to have in their oeuvre.

And if, in listening to him over and over and honing his best fake bvlgari 5 band ring work down to an impossible ten, I've missed out on your favourite song, well, blame it on that boogieman.

Standing out from his entire oeuvre, this pop horror epic is full of cliched but perfectly utilised spooky sounds, complete with howling coyotes, ominously creaky doors, thunder and footsteps not to mention an appropriately ghoulish voiceover 'rap' by horror movie icon Vincent Price.

And while Price speaks of 'the funk from forty thousand years,' Jackson and producer Quincy Jones provide enough saucy funk with an absolutely delicious bassline to last another four thousand decades. Dead cool, this.

Words overlap frantically in this deceptively catchy song, rushing the beat along even as the music shuffles genre, with bursts of jazzy trumpet and Jackson's trademark howls acting as instant segues.

Belying the song's foot tapping beat are its words, urgently concerned about a woman called Annie, and asking if she's all right after having been traumatised by an attack.

Yet another example of Jackson taking a disturbing subject and making it sound irresistible, this one can't help being anthem popular.

With a backbeat tough as nails, this scorching song has Michael, well, learning to rock. And what a lesson he gives us.

A fight song about being brave enough to walk away from violence, this is one of those dream moments in music where everything comes together immaculately.

And a little after halfway through this already perfect song, there's a knocking on a door, a door guitar god Eddie Van Halen kicks open with a killer solo, giving the song even more street cred.

If this is the only song Jackson had ever made, he'd still be immortal.

That a song about a rockstar helplessly trapped by a relentless groupie sounds this majestically, mercilessly sexy automatically makes it special.

Singing like a man equal parts terrified and turned on, Jackson begs the song's antiheroine to leave him be, but she isn't having any of it.

Wrongly considered misogynistic by many, this bvlgari 4 band ring replica iconic hard rock track is actually one where the woman a groupie, eternally trod upon is given the reins as the traditionally powerful musician tries to squirm his way out.

And this even as Jackson, taking on voices of both hunter and prey, drenches them in lust and screams out in pure passion, making the name Diana eternally naughtier.

(Personally, bvlgari ceramic ring price replica this one is my single favourite Michael Jackson song, but I had to fight off every desire to place it top of the heap because the number one song, well, beggars all debate.)

The drums kick it off, snare and hi hat setting the stage for one of the most legendary basslines of all time.

With a snap of the fingers, Michael enters the song and proceeds to lament being with the most seductive groupie he'd ever met.

Unquestionably dark, the song itself acts like the femme fatale he sings of, luring us in with an irresistible downbeat, the aforementioned bassline, and Jackson himself, denying paternity while never letting go of his hee hee falsetto.

It was during a historic performance of this song at Motown Records' 25th anniversary in Los Angeles that Jackson threw off his fedora and executed a move he'd only practiced in his kitchen.

Sure, we're talking music not visuals, but try separating this song from that moment, from the first time Michael walked on the moon.

Bewilderingly built around an uncharacteristically steady beat, the song exploits the increasing mystery of the lyric the singer denies being the child's father, while conceding that he has similar eyes while thudding suspensefully, like a hyperactive alarm clock with dynamite wrapped around bvlgari 3 band ring copy it.
Traffic Deaths Climb Amid Fracking Boom

Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, has unlocked huge reserves of oil and gas in shale formations in many states. bvlgari 4 band ring copy The biggest winner, in terms of new jobs, has been Texas.

But an investigation by Houston Public Media and the Houston Chronicle shows Texas highways have become the nation's deadliest amid a fracking boom.

Flatbed trucks bearing loads of steel pipe often barrel down these roads. Truck drivers often run into problems when they have to make wide turns onto narrow side streets.

Vilma Marenco was hit by one of those trucks on April 22.

She was driving home when she stopped at an intersection along Old Beaumont Highway, linking East Houston to refineries on the Texas Gulf Coast. She entered the intersection, less than a mile from her house, when an 18 wheeler ran the red light on Old Beaumont, crushing her Chevy Cavalier. Marenco's husband, Guillermo Gomez, tried desperately to reach her by phone.

"I bvlgari 3 band ring imitation called her and called her and called her, but she never answered," he says.

It would be hours before Gomez learned his wife was dead.

The Texas Department of Public Safety says the company involved, R F Quality Transportation, shouldn't have had a truck on the road at all. It had racked up a string of safety violations in the months leading up to the crash, ranging from defective brakes to a driver smoking marijuana behind the wheel. When R F failed to address the problems, state officials ordered it to shut down, an order the carrier ignored. All attempts to reach R F for comment failed.

Deep In The Heart Of (A Transforming) Texas

Drilling Frenzy Fuels Sudden Growth In Small Texas Town

The death toll on Texas highways had been falling for decades, as car companies built safer vehicles. But that trend shifted into reverse as the boom in fracking began to heat up.

The Texas Department of Transportation says that between 2009 and 2013, the state's traffic fatalities rose by eight percent, even as those in most other states continued to fall. And deaths linked to commercial vehicle crashes, like trucks, soared by more than 50 percent over the same period.

The boom has triggered a huge demand for both tractor trailers and drivers.

"People who've never been in the seat of a truck before go to school for two weeks, and they graduate, and now they're a truck driver, you know," says Larry Busby, the long time sheriff of Live Oak County in the Eagle Ford shale region of South Texas. "Well, they're not a truck driver yet. They've just passed the school."

The Texas Trucking Association, an industry trade group, says the rising death toll has more to do with drivers sharing the road with trucks than with the truckers themselves.

"There is a level of congestion that is rising all over the state, particularly in these areas of smaller counties that involve the oil field and bvlgari ceramic ring price imitation energy exploration, and it's causing folks that are not accustomed to that type of congestion to make unnecessary risks, and it's costing lives," says John Esparza, president of the Texas Trucking Association.

Experts cite fatigue as another factor pushing up traffic fatalities tied to the oil and gas industry. Oilfield workers often work 12 hour shifts, then pile into a company van to drive half an hour or more from their work site to a hotel.

In March 2013, nine Sanjel Corp. employees were returning to their hotel after an overnight shift in West Texas. A pickup truck hit their van, killing three people.

"To put men in a position of being fatigued and to be driving long distance is not something that a company should do, and it shows a disregard for the safety of their employees," says Alexander Gurevich, an attorney representing the victims' families.

Sanjel says the van driver has testified that he was not fatigued at the time of the accident.

Texas is struggling to find ways to improve safety on its roads, without disrupting the oil industry on which so many jobs depend. The state's trucking industry backed a bill, signed by Gov. Rick Perry last year, making it easier for fake bvlgari white ceramic ring regulators to strip rogue carriers of the permits they need to operate.

But denying permits isn't always enough. State officials ordered R F Quality Transportation to cease operations last December, four months before one of its drivers struck and killed Marenco. Gomez, is now raising their daughter alone.

"This has left a great emptiness for my daughter and me," Gomez says. "The only thing I am asking for is a thorough investigation of all of this and that there be justice."
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