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Causation is an essential concept in epidemiology, yet there is no single, clearly articulated definition for the discipline. From a systematic review of the literature, five categories can be delineated: production, necessary and sufficient, sufficient component, counterfactual, and probabilistic. Strengths and weaknesses of these categories are examined in terms of proposed characteristics of a useful scientific definition of causation: it must be specific enough to distinguish causation from mere correlation, but not so narrow as to eliminate apparent causal phenomena from consideration. Two categories production and counterfactual are present in any definition of causation but are not themselves sufficient as definitions. The necessary and sufficient cause definition assumes that all causes are deterministic. The sufficient component cause definition attempts to explain probabilistic phenomena via unknown component causes. Thus, on both of these views, heavy smoking can be cited as a cause of lung cancer only when the existence of unknown deterministic variables is assumed. The probabilistic definition, however, avoids these assumptions and appears to best fit the characteristics of a useful definition of causation. It is also concluded that van cleef flower imitation necklace the probabilistic definition is consistent with scientific and public health goals of epidemiology. In debates in the literature over these goals, proponents of epidemiology as pure science tend to favour a narrower deterministic notion of causation models while proponents of epidemiology as public health tend to favour a probabilistic view. It is concluded that a counterfactually based probabilistic definition is more amenable to the quantitative tools of epidemiology, is consistent with both deterministic and probabilistic phenomena, and serves equally well for the acquisition and the application of scientific knowledge.Causation is an essential concept in the practice of epidemiology. Causal claims like "smoking causes cancer" or "human papilloma virus causes cervical cancer" have long been a standard part of the epidemiology literature. But despite much discussion of causes, it is not clear that epidemiologists are referring to a single shared concept.Multiple definitions of cause have been offered in epidemiology. In 1970 MacMahon and Pugh wrote that "the word cause is an abstract noun and, like beauty, will have different meanings in different contexts."2 Yet cause is also a scientific term, replica mini van cleef necklace and it is important that there is some common thinking among epidemiologists about what is meant in saying "X causes Y." In practice many causal statements are ambiguously stated; for example, "smoking is a cause of cancer" may mean "every smoker will develop cancer" or it can be construed as "at least one smoker will develop cancer,"3 depending upon the underlying concept of causation the speaker has in mind.There have been calls in the recent epidemiological literature for more attention to the theoretical and conceptual basis of epidemiology.45 In this journal, Nijhuis and Van der Maesen urged readers to investigate the philosophical foundations of public health, with special attention to ontological concerns (for example, the nature of basic concepts such as "public" and "health").6 In this paper, we focus on causation.This paper reviews the epidemiological literature, seeking patterns and dominant definitions. The strengths and weaknesses of different approaches to defining causation are examined, drawing also on the rich philosophical literature on this topic. From this, a key distinction is drawn between deterministic and probabilistic concepts of causation. The choice between these two approaches is in part driven by researchers' views about the role of epidemiology in relation to other sciences and to public health. We explain this relation and make a recommendation about what type of causal definition best meets the goals of the discipline of epidemiology.The focus of attention in this paper will be on chronic disease epidemiology. It is in this area that the concept of causation has proved most elusive and has provoked the most confusion and debate. Heuristic devices that are not strictly definitions, such as the "web of causation", were excluded.7 The web is not intended to be a theory or to provide causal explanations, but merely to act as a metaphor for the idea that causal pathways are complex and interconnected.8The MEDLINE database was searched using PUBMED. The English language literature from 1990 to August 1999 was searched for MeSH terms "causality" and either "epidemiology" or "epidemiologic methods." The terms were used unexploded so that subheadings of these terms would be excluded. Altogether 148 records were retrieved. "Causality" was only introduced as a MeSH heading in 1990. The literature from 1966 through 1989 was searched for "logic" and "epidemiology" as keywords. A search for "causation" and "epidemiology" during this period also revealed some further references. The reference lists of review articles on causation in epidemiology were perused for mention of additional relevant articles. Major epidemiology textbooks were also reviewed for discussions of causation. From among these sources, at least five distinct definitions can be identified.Making sense of multiple definitionsAfter reviewing the literature, we have found that cause is defined in the following ways: production, necessary causes, sufficient component causes, probabilistic causes, and counterfactuals (table 1). Interestingly, these five types of definitions correspond with major approaches to causation found in the philosophical literature. However, discussion of these definitions in the epidemiological literature fails to recognise some important distinctions and criticisms from the philosophical literature. In particular, it is important to distinguish between deterministic and probabilistic causes and between ontological definitions of causation and causal models used in scientific inference. While these five definitions are not all mutually exclusive, there are significant consequences to choosing one definition over another.View this table:View inlineView popupTable 1Definitions of causation from the epidemiological literatureUnder this definition, a cause is something that, in short, creates or produces an effect. A similar notion is that causesaffect outcomes (page 637)9 or that causes alter outcomes.2 In contrast, a non causal association does not involve production; A coincides with B, but A does not produce B. But while the notion of production draws an ontological distinction between causal and non causal associations, the definition is vague about what "production" or "creation" means. Thus, the elusive concept of causation is defined only in terms of another equally elusive concept. Succinctly, a necessary cause is a condition without which the effectcannot occur, and a sufficient cause is a condition with which the effect mustoccur.(page 191 2)14 (page 4 5)15 (page 326 7)16 (page 21)17 (page 261)18 (page 27)19 (page 45 47)20 Four different types of causal relations can be derived from these two clover necklace imitation van cleef definitions: necessary and sufficient, necessary but not sufficient, sufficient but not necessary, and neither necessary nor sufficient.A small minority of epidemiologists maintain that the term "cause" should be limited to highly specific necessary conditions.2122 The view that all causes must be necessary for their effects is traditionally associated with the germ theory of disease, wherein each disease for example, tuberculosis is caused by a specific infectious agent for example, tubercle bacillus.23 Stehbens applies this model to all diseases, claiming that no particular disease has been proven to have more than one cause. Instead, says Stehbens, multi causal models merely indicate gaps in scientific understanding, as scientists have not yet uncovered a sole, specific cause or adequately defined a disease outcome. Thus, for example, a high cholesterol diet cannot be called a cause of heart disease.21 Charlton similarly claims that the basic sciences are built on the concept of necessary causes and that epidemiology, in order to be scientific, should follow that model.22Support for this narrow definition of causation is ultimately a product of the lingering historical influence of scientific determinism. Since Galileo and Newton, classical physics has been rooted in a world view in which complex phenomena can always be reduced to simple, deterministic mechanisms. Strict determinism requires a one to one correspondence between cause and effect; the same cause invariably leads to the same effect, with no role for chance or stochastic variation. In the biomedical context, 19th century physiologist Claude Bernard argued that for medicine to be scientific, like physics or chemistry, it must recognise only causes that operate through specific and deterministic biological mechanisms (of course, Bernard was writing before the 20th century probabilistic revolution in physics).24But epidemiologists and pathologists have, at least since the advent of the chronic disease era, acknowledged that not all diseases can be attributed to a single necessary cause.25 Cigarette smoke, for example, is not necessary for development of lung cancer. In fact, some epidemiology texts and commentaries have stated that causes of complex chronic diseases, like cancer and heart disease, tend to fit into the "neither necessary nor sufficient" category. (page 175)14 (page 5)15 (page 46)20Medicine is full of such relations. Moreover, the arguments of Charlton and Stehbens are circular; they argue that science has never identified non specific, unecessary causes because they exclude such causes by definition. In sum, while some causes may be necessary for their effects, this formulation is inadequate as a definition of causation.
Margaret Thatcher's funeral to be held April 17 with military honours

LONDON Queen Elizabeth II will be among the mourners at the funeral of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher on April 17, officials announced Tuesday.

Buckingham Palace said the queen and her husband, Prince Philip, would attend the ceremony at St. Paul's Cathedral, which is expected to draw dignitaries from around the globe.

Churchill was the last British leader to receive a state funeral, also at St. Paul's. Thatcher's service, a ceremonial funeral with full military honours, is not officially a state funeral, which requires a vote in Parliament.

But the ceremony features van cleef necklace imitation alhambra the same level of pomp and honour afforded Princess Diana in 1997 and the Queen Mother Elizabeth in 2002.

Police, royal and government officials and members of Thatcher's family are co ordinating plans for the funeral, an operation that has been given the name "True Blue."

Thatcher's coffin will lie overnight at the Houses of Parliament ahead of the funeral, before being taken by hearse to the church of St. Clement Danes and then, on a horse drawn gun carriage, to the 17th century cathedral along a route lined by military van cleef clover imitation necklace personnel.

Thousands of people are expected to line the route through central London, and the queen and Prime Minister David Cameron will van cleef clover necklace sale replica be joined by dignitaries from around the world inside the cathedral.

The televised funeral will be followed by a private cremation.

Early Tuesday, undertakers removed Thatcher's body from London's Ritz Hotel, where she died Monday at the age of 87. A van carrying Thatcher's casket left the hotel for an undisclosed location, where her body will remain during preparations for the funeral.
New Skills Center Dedication Today

The Pacoima Skills Center has moved from its previous location in an industrial area on Louvre Street to new quarters on bustling Van Nuys Boulevard.

The facility's new digs will be dedicated today at a Van Cleef and Arpels copy ring ceremony to be attended by City Councilman Richard Alarcon and others.

The 30 year old center, part of the Los Angeles Unified School District's division of adult and career education, provides job placement services and vocational training Van Cleef & Arpels rose gold ring copy to several hundred adults each week, said Jamille Kenion, coordinator of the center's GAIN (Greater Avenues to Independence) program.

Kenion said the center opened at its new location at 13545 B Van Nuys Blvd. on Oct. 11. Two classes machine shop and welding are still being conducted at the old location on Louvre Street.

Officials had sought a new location because Louvre Street was out of the way and difficult to access.

"We moved to become more accessible to the community," Kenion said. "We were copy Van Cleef and Arpels ring kind of tucked away before and not very accessible to public transportation. Now we have more potential to grow and may be able to begin offering additional programs."

Currently, the center's course offerings include business education, electronics, VCR repair, cable television installation and GED and high school diploma classes. The most popular courses are medical administration, computer literacy and word processing, Kenion said.
Jesus of Nazareth

Paul Verhoeven is a former film director who wrote a book titled, "Jesus of Nazareth" in 2008. Now it will become a feature movie by Muse Productions. It will depict Jesus Christ as a product of Mary being raped by a Roman soldier. Verhoeven wrote in his book that Van Cleef rose gold ring fake Jesus was a radical prophet who performed exorcisms and was convinced he would find the kingdom of Heaven on earth, and did not know he would be sentenced to die on the cross by Pontius Pilate. This will be used as part of the movie script along with the discounting of the miracles performed by the power of God found in Jesus. Jesus will be portrayed as an ethicist and a radical prophet, whose message became too politically strong for the Romans to idly accept Replica Van Cleef Alhambra Pink Gold Ring and endure. While that version of Christ life may not seem blasphemous to Verhoeven, it more than likely is for many who call themselves copy Van Cleef & Arpels wedding ring Christians. Given the adaptionist policy of Hollywood to use the popular political ideas of today, one has to wonder if the producers will figure out a way to implicitly or explicitly accuse Jesus of also being homosexual.

Paul Verhoeven has directed hit movies in the past such as "Robocop," "Total Recall," and "Basic Instinct." What is happening in America is an increasing hostility and intolerance toward Christian beliefs and values that many perceive to be an attack on religious freedom. In current American culture, you are free to be a Christian as long as you don actually live out your faith, vote your faith, take a stand in relation to your faith, or believe others should embrace your faith. In other words, it can be privately engaging, but must remain socially irrelevant. Liberals today in society and Hollywood become outraged if you refuse to buckle under their pressure. If you do not comply or agree with them, then you are either labeled a radical (of which many of these liberal are themselves) or dismissed as a village idiot.

Most people are unenlightened to power found in the name and blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. They fail to use in many important things, such as their baptism and at the end of their prayers. All they are given is a powerless religion to base their evaluation of Christianity upon. For that, the church should surely be ashamed. However, the intolerance of some have made the majority of Christians of America to either compromise with these religious bigots or simply ignore them. Few if any Christians are calling them out for what they really are, uninformed liars. If ignorance is bliss, well these people must in such a way. But let remind Hollywood and anyone else that they are wrong by not attending this movie. In fact, if Christians would just refrain hold back from ungodly movies and television programs then such material would fail to be a commercial success. Let hit where it hurt them the most, in their wallets. Your email address will not be published. Fields marked with asteric are required.
More than half of donations to EU referendum campaigns came from just ten wealthy donors

The open government organisation Transparency International said its findings would increase fears about public debate, particularly the EU referendum, being prone to "political capture" by a small "millionaires club" of ultra wealthy individuals.

In its report Take back Control: How big money undermines trust in politics, the campaign group found that of the 31,834,885 donated to both sides during the referendum, 16, 444, 905 about 52 per cent came from just 10 individuals or companies.

While the biggest individual donor Lord David Sainsbury, the supermarket heir ennobled by Tony Blair, gave 4.2 million to Remain, pro Brexit donors outnumbered EU supporters by six to four in the big money top ten.

The various Leave campaigns received 9,471,671 from donors in the top ten nearly 2.5 million more than the 6,973,234 total given by Lord Sainsbury, the Trailfinders travel company, the hedge fund owner David Harding and the financier Mark Coombs.

Transparency International also found that 95 per cent of all fake van alhambra long necklace money raised during the referendum campaign came from just 100 donors a tiny fraction of the millions who voted on June 23.

Although all the donations were entirely legal, Transparency International's own polling found that 76 per cent of the public now think wealthy individuals are using influence on government to benefit their own interests.

Commenting on the EU referendum campaign, Duncan Hames, the director of policy at Transparency International UK, said: "The debate around the biggest question we have faced in a generation was financed by an astonishingly small group of exceptionally wealthy donors. That's a dangerous place for any democracy.

Ironically, Mr Hargreaves saw millions temporarily wiped off his fortune in the immediate aftermath of the Brexit vote when shares in Hargreaves Lansdown dropped so dramatically that the company's market value fell 400 million in two days. The share price later recovered and Mr Hargreaves insisted he had no regrets about his donation, saying: "I didn't do this for personal gain.

Mr Banks, the founder of Eldon Insurance Services, is a former Conservative supporter who defected to Ukip in September2014 by giving Nigel Farage's party 1 million. The managing director of his own media group, Mr Wigmore also has a diplomatic position with the Belize High Commission in London, promoting trade and investment into the former British colony.

Brexit donors in Transparency International's top ten also include the private equity investor Jeremy Hosking, and Diana Van Nievelt Price, who in 2005 reportedly bid 440,000 15 times over the estimated value for a painting of Margaret Thatcher at a Conservative fundraising ball.

The tenth biggest donor, giving 650,000, according to Transparency International, was the construction equipment maker JCB, whose chairman Lord Bamford wrote to the company's 6,500 UK employees to explain why he supported Brexit, while stressing: "How you vote is entirely a decision for you."

The reach van cleef replica necklaces of big donors was perhaps shown in May when Better for the Country was fined 50,000 by imitation van cleef & arpels clover necklace the Information Commissioner for sending more than 500,000 unsolicited text messages urging people to back its Brexit campaign.

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Movie Review

Certificate 12A, 106 minutesDirector: Chris ColumbusStars: Adam Sandler, Kevin fake van cleef alhambra White Gold Pendant James, Michelle MonaghanPixels is based on Patrick Jean's short film of the same name which was copy van cleef clover necklace released in 2010. The film opens in 1982, and a young Sam Brenner (Anthony Ippolito) and his best friend, William Cooper (Jared Riley), are heading to a newly opened video arcade to play on the games. Sam shows a knack for the video games; William does not, but the latter gets Sam to enter the 1982 Worldwide Video Arcade Championships. Sam does well in the competition, ending up tied for first place. To determine the winner, he has to play the obnoxious Eddie Plant (Andrew Bambridge) at Donkey Kong. Eddie wins; Sam loses. However, there is plenty of time for them to work on the relationship, as Violet is actually DARPA employee Lieutenant Colonel van Patten, who gets to work with the team during the film. base on the island of Guam was attacked, with whatever was doing the attack pixilating the buildings there. William has recognised what attacked as being Galaga, which is why he asked Sam to come in. No one else is that convinced that Earth is being attacked by 80s video games from outer space. After the Taj Mahal is attacked by Breakout, opinions start to change. Sam, and a former friend of his and Williams, Ludlow Lamonsoff (Josh Gad, The Wedding Ringer), a socially awkward conspiracy nut, have to help train some Navy SEALs to fight the aliens. It seems that the probe launched earlier was recovered by an alien race, who took the video tape to be a declaration of war, one which they have accepted. Earth gets three lives, two of which have now been lost. If they lose three, the planet will be destroyed. The primary video games, Breakout, Donkey Kong, Galaga, Pac Man, Qbert and Centipede, which all, to one degree or another, have a significant role in the film, were all released in 1982 in earlier mostly earlier. So, it's a nice, and rather different, idea for a film, but how does it actually turn out? Adam Sandler's films are not exactly known for their high quality, even though they are usually commercial successes. Well, Pixels is probably one of his better ones, but it's certainly not great art. Is rather less crude or offensive than many of them, and fun enough to watch. The graphics, as the Arcaders go up against 8 bit video games, is also fun. The romantic relationship between Sam and Violet plays out just how you would expect, and the characters are rather stereotypical as well, and having the nerds suddenly become needed is no longer an original idea. There are problems with van cleef & arpels necklace replica the film. Some of these are factual, such as the problems with later video games appearing and how do these space probes manage to reach other planets outside the Solar System so quickly? It would take a whole lot longer than three and a bit decades. Others are with the characters and story. Still, it's not a bad execution of a rather more original idea, but it could have been better, and Pixels may well appeal more to older audiences who actually remember playing the games in question
Julie Ottaviani Tricked Teen Into Seeing His Own Mother

A Pennsylvania woman looking to exact revenge on her husband stole nude photos of the man's girlfriend, posted them to Facebook, and tricked the woman's teenage son into looking at them.

Julie Ottaviani, 54, appeared to strike a reporter as she left a magistrate's office on Tuesday. Reporter Bill Wadell with Newswatch 16 asked questions related to the case. On the video, replica Van bracelet pink gold Ottaviani can be seen trying to take the reporter's microphone before striking him in the face with her purse.

The copy Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry irate wife admitted to hacking into her estranged husband's computer and cell phone in January, Van cleef & arpels fake bracelet where she saw and stole naked photos of the man's alleged girlfriend.

That's when investigators said Ottaviani created a fake Facebook profile where she posted the images of the naked woman. She then added the woman's 14 year old teenage son as a friend. Court records said that the teen accepted the request, clicked on the profile, and saw photos of his naked mother, according to KDVR.
Michelle Mone seals deal with new billionaire boyfriend Doug Barrowman

Rise to a new level of chic with stilettos like Michelle The entrepreneur stepped up her outfit with a pair of Valentino pumps dotted with the brand signature pyramid studs.

With the last few fashion season holding sneakers on a pedestal it refreshing to see a high octane silhouette like Valentino vertiginous stiletto taking back centre stage. There something undeniably seductive and sensual about their sculptural shape.

We love how Michelle has worn her 590 heels with skinny jeans and a plain grey overcoat as it instantly (and literally) elevates her look. What more this lingerie tycoon could just as easily wear them with a ball gown for an evening event as she could for stomping around town. While the price is obviously an investment, the studded heel has proved to be timeless style that the Italian label has consistently sold.

Michelle pumps are available to buy online now (click right) but it is worth scouring the market as there are more reasonable priced styles out there. Look to our carousel below for a sure footed starting point.

Lady Mone is one of three directors of MMI Global Limited, alongside two Van cleef arpels copy bracelet senior figures from within the Knox empire, Luke Webster and Sandra Robertson.

Mr Webster is managing director of Knox Private Office and Ms Robertson one of its directors.

According to its website, Knox Private Office offers a 'tailored advisory service to ultra high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs and their families' and 'tax planning services to both corporate and personal clients', including help buying superyachts and property in Belgravia.

Met her match:Just days after the pair were spotted strolling hand in hand on a romantic day out, Lady Mone, left, took to Twitter to confirm she is smitten with her new man, right

Mr Barrowman, from Rutherglen near Glasgow, made his fortune in private equity and property development, and lives in a multi million pound home on the Isle of Man.

He recently featured in the Channel 4 documentary Million Pound Mega Yachts with one of his two superyachts, the 183ft Turquoise, which cost 50m and has a staff of 13.

His luxury car includes five Ferraris.

Lady Mone, who made her name with the Ultimo underwear brand, split from her husband Michael, with whom she has three children, in 2011 after 19 years of marriage.

Lady Mone, who co founded lingerie brand Ultimo, broke up with golfer Stefan Soroka two months ago. Pictured, Lady Mone with Iain Duncan Smith (left) and George Osborne

Former prime minister David Cameron made her a peer in October 2015 and appointed her an adviser to the Government on business start ups in disadvantaged communities.

Since entering the House of Lords as Lady Mone of Mayfair she has made just one speech, in March this year, while also declaring income from giving speeches elsewhere for a fee.

Earlier this year, Lady Mone cloaked her business empire in secrecy, by ending the requirement collection of her two companies to file public accounts. It was reported in October that Lady Mone had split from another boyfriend, Barbados based golf professional Stefan Soroka.

In August, it emerged that she had taken full ownership of her former marital home in Thorntonhall, South Lanarkshire, which she had purchased with her former husband for more than 1.5m copy Van cleef clover bracelet in 2008. It had been on the market for offers over 1.6m since 2012.

Lady Mone's spokesman declined to comment on anything to do with the new company at this stage.

Most watched News videos EXCLUSIVE: Ariana Grande plane arrives back in the US Moment armed police storm of Manchester suicide bomber Moment bomb explodes at Ariana Grande concert Blood seen dripping from victim leg after Manchester Homeless man describes how he helped after Manchester attack Sickening video warns of more attacks after Manchester Forensic officers raid of Manchester suicide bomber Terrifying scenes inside Manchester Arena as crowd flee concert Eye witness describes spotting the Manchester attacker Armed police prepare to raid of Manchester suicide bomber Threat level now CRITICAL: PM raises terror level Ariana Grande fans running away from venue after an explosion

EXCLUSIVE: First photos of Ariana Grande since Manchester. Help for the homeless heroes: Millionaire West Ham owner. The schoolgirls massacred by ISIS coward: Five teenagers. Manchester Arena suicide bomber Salman Abedi flew back. Theresa replica van cleef & arpels alhambra clover bracelet May warns a fresh terror attack is feared to be. 'Like bits of fire': Mother and daughter share photos of. 'Our little princess has been so lucky': Father's joy as. Britain on lockdown: Army deploys 1,000 heavily armed. EXCLUSIVE: Ariana Grande's hero mom who helped bring. Horror on the M6: Lorry driver is arrested after four. Tourists watch in horror as armed police arrest man. Mother of teen, 18, killed in Manchester terror attack. Aaron Hernandez's hell behind bars: NFL star killed. More than 24 hours on, desperate families still search. She STILL doesn't wanna hold his hand: Melania leaves. BREAKING NEWS: My son is innocent, insists father of. 'I won't forget what you said!' Trump tells Pope after. Terrorist's brother arrested: Dramatic moment armed. MOST READ NEWS Previous.
Mother Who Killed 4 in Fire Is Sentenced to Death

Calling the murders of four girls "cold, vicious and calculated," a judge Friday sentenced their mother, Sandi Nieves, to death, making her the 12th woman on California's death row.

"She betrayed the trust of her children," said Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge L. Jeffrey Wiatt, condemning the Santa Clarita woman for the "horrible and violent deaths" of her daughters, ages 5 to 12, after she set their house on fire.

Nieves, 36, hid her face behind white paper during the hearing. When asked if she had anything to say, she responded, "If I could take back time . . . if I was smarter . . . if I had time imitation Van Cleef & Arpels Clover necklace before everyone passed out, we would have gotten out of that house."

The mother of five was convicted July 27 of the first degree murders of Jaqlene Folden, Kristl Folden, Rashel Folden Nieves and Nikolet Folden Nieves, who died of smoke inhalation. She was also found guilty of arson and the attempted murder of her son David, who was 14 at the time and survived the fire.

During the 3 1/2 month trial, prosecutors established that Nieves was financially desperate and angry at the men in her life. In the weeks before the murders, a boyfriend left her, and she was engaged in a child support battle with an ex husband.

On the night of June 30, 1998, Nieves told her five children to sleep in the kitchen, where she joined them. She then poured gasoline on the carpet and set it afire. In testimony against his mother, David said the children woke gagging from smoke, but Nieves ordered them to remain where they were.

"She was staging this multiple murder as the final revenge at the men in her life," Wiatt said.

Deputy Public Defender Howard Waco unsuccessfully argued that Nieves was not "legally conscious" at the time of the crime. Nieves, who testified in her own defense, said she had a flashback of holding a lighter in her hand, but otherwise had no idea what happened.

On Aug. 9, a jury recommended the death penalty for Nieves, and replica van cleef necklace white gold at least seven jurors and one alternate returned Friday to the San Fernando courtroom, occasionally casting an icy glance in her direction

Juror Bob Fisher of Van Nuys said during Van Cleef & Arpels necklace gold replica a break: "The mother, taking the lives of her children, it's just unthinkable."

Several jurors cried as they listened to Charlotte Nieves, stepmother of the two older girls, describe the suffering of her husband Fernando and Dave Folden, father of the two younger girls.

"My heart aches because of all the memories we didn't get to make," Charlotte Nieves said.

David Nieves, now 16, lives with his father, Fernando, and stepmother and did not appear in court Friday. The boy has refused all contact with his mother. "The mail he receives from jail, he throws in the trash," Fernando Nieves said.

Of the 12 women on California's death row, three others are from Los Angeles County. Maureen McDermott, a former nurse, was sentenced in 1990 for ordering the killing of her Van Nuys roommate to collect an insurance policy. In 1993, Catherine Thompson was sentenced for hiring a killer to murder her husband in Westwood. A year later, Mary Ellen Samuels was sent to death row by a Van Nuys judge for orchestrating the murders of her husband and the hit man she had hired to kill him.
Natasha Gulliver one of 5 killed in tragic crash on TCH near Chapel Arm

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileNatasha Gulliver of St. John's has been identified as one of the victims of a deadly vehicle crash that occurred on the Trans Canada Highway near Chapel Arm early Tuesday morning.She was one of three women and two men who died when the passenger van they were travelling in crashed and burned.5 people in van killed in crash near Long Harbour exit, police sayThe names have not been released by police but CBC News has learned that Gulliver's partner, Terry Payne, and Payne's mother were also in the vehicle. CBC News van cleef jewelry replica has not yet confirmed the identities of the two remaining passengers. when it collided head on with a Honda Ridgeline pickup.The van veered into the ditch and caught fire, killing everyone inside.There were two couples, and the mother of one of the men, travelling in the van.Gulliver was a 40 year old a mother of two, and the youngest of a family of 10.Family devastated by tragedyHer brother, Joe Gulliver, said it's a devastating time for the family."I'll be taking care of her 15 year old daughter for the rest of Van Cleef & Arpels Clover necklace replica her life," Gulliver said Thursday.He said the tragedy has brought the family together, with all the "foolish arguments" of the past set aside."The family is coming together like you wouldn't believe," he said.The van was travelling from a community in central Van Cleef & Arpels necklace gold replica Newfoundland to St. John's, where the mother was scheduled for a medical appointment.This was the scene of a tragedy on the Trans Canada Highway near Chapel Arm on Tuesday morning. Five adults perished when the van they were travelling in collided head on with another vehicle, and later caught fire. (Terry Roberts/CBC)
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